What .. Boss Wolf?

Hi, I just pull Boss Wolf, (was really trying for Red Hood but no such luck) , so I was wondering what good is Boss Wolf?, I saw some post on him , but I’m thinking that by him being “very slow” , what good is he? … Somebody please give me some direction … Help !! and thanks in advance

He is a tank. Flank him with 2 yellow, preferably healers:


He’s one of the best tanks of this game


Hi , @Fredja @yelnats_24, thank you both for your advice, I have Guin and Onatel, maybe with those 2 ?, still wondering , but I will get him lvled up and do that, any thoughts on those 2 ? , thanks again

Yunan I didn’t get , but I did get Rana, maybe her instead , thanks again !!

Onatel is also a very good tank in this game. Get her maxed and give her emblems and you won’t look back

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Herein lies the injustice in this game

Those who know that a hero is good can’t pull that hero.

Those who don’t know a hero is good pull them :joy:

Such is life


Guin is a great tank on her own. Onatel is a good mana controller like Guin but they are both in the same wizzard class so you might have trouble giving emblem to both of them. Rana is a good hero with her healing cut. Both Rana and Onatel are good flank.

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Hi, so true, some I do know are quite good and others not so much … I feel you pain :blush:

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I have Boss wolf but not sure who to team with him… I have joon, ranvir, mussashi, Guardian jackal, wu, li xiu…that all yellows… I saw a post somewhere about yellow flanks but can’t find it… Any help please…poss raid defence team?

I have used bosswolf as tank for over a year. What 5* do you have? I advise against dual yellow

Everlyn joon kunchen ranvir sartana mussashi all leveled and a tonne of 4 stars

Hi @PeachyKeen, are you using Boss Wolf for your offense/attack and defense teams? I’m just wondering.

I just moved to Boss Wolf (15) from Guin (17) as my raid tank and my wins have been the same (as I expected). Down side is that I have always used Guin on offense and I just cant see myself doing the same with Boss Wolf.

Mainly defense. Sometimes offense because my purple stack is limited.

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