Sif vs Costume Vivica

I’m looking for the next 5* yellow I should level.

My current defense lineup is:
Mother North - Marjana - Richard (normal with costume bonus maxxed) - Ranvir - Sartana.

Ranvir is my only maxxed yellow, but I have enough darts to max another yellow. Between the ones I have I’m leaning towards Sif, but costume’d Vivica is also in my sights.

I have no other 5* healers (beyond aforementioned mother north).
My other 5*s are: Sargasso (maxxed), Kadilen (maxxed), Vela, Elkanen, Isarnia, Elena (x2), Khagan (x2), Leonidas (x2), Atmos, Obakan, Justice, Lianna (leveling once I get mats).

I REALLY want to get telescopes to level Vela, put Sif as tank, and run:
Mother north - Marjana - Sif - Sartana - Vela.
Not sure if this is a good plan or not though.

Thanks so much for any insight you can provide.

You’ll run into emblem issues either way, since Marjana and Sif since both are rogues, and Mother North and Vivica both need Cleric emblems.

Both Sorcerer Vivica and Sif can make for good yellow tanks. You will want to emblem them as tanks though. And I’m thinking you don’t want to take emblems from Mother North, so I’m going to say go with Sif instead.

Swap spots with Marjana and Vela IMO, that would be a better setup with Sif as tank too:

Mother North | Vela | Sif | Sartana | Marjana

Vela as flank is way better than as wing – she fires earlier and cleans up weakened targets, so that your other two snipers (Sartana and Marjana) can follow up and are more likely to kill targets with higher health.

Strip Marjana’s emblems and give them to Sif when she’s maxed.

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