Thoughts on Marjana vs Red Hood

About to start my third red 5*, and am struggling with Marjana vs Red Hood.

Current team:


Current 5*'s that are either done or in their final ascension:






For the sake of discussion, assume I have all the relevant 4*'s.

Marjana’s great, but I’m not sure I need another sniper, and also another offensive red.

Red Hood doesn’t overwhelm me, but she is a healer and a Ranger Healer.


If you were lacking snipers there might be some doubt, but you aren’t so, for me it would be Red Hood all the way.


I think Viv at center with Zim replacing the big cat.

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Yeah, that’s what I’m going to end up with. Zim’s not quite up to speed yet, but she’ll be there soon.

You like Viv at center for the resiliency and chance to fire off a heal to give Azlar (currently) a chance to fire his special?

Red Hood and her fox minions have saved me countless times. Heals a little, stops mana drains and does a bit of damage. So many times with team severely damaged, her special fired and the team was able to recover and come back for the win.

I would try : Red Hood, Magni, Vivica, Sartana, Lianna. (Could switch Lianna with Red, as Lianna is a little less sturdy, and magni might help her survive longer)

Marjana is great and I use her a lot, but as you said, you have some good snipers already.


Azlar is not a good defensive hero. As he’s slow he must survive to fire. However his defense is really low, what makes you assume he won’t last and won’t fire on 90% of the raids. So Marjana could be a good choice.
If you put both Vivica and hood at center and flank (both suck on corner positions), it will make easier for enemies recover from a bad starting board.

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I would go with Zim for the fast cleanse and buff.

Azlar is good on defense but a little less on tank spot. He is a right wing hero. Most use him as tank or perhaps flank.

Marjana is great at tank with the rogue talent.

Hood is just meh for me. She is better for offensive use rather than on defense.

Try playing with the different combinations. I am also a strong advocate for Azlar. :joy:

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I have red on war d with zim-Frida-guin-kage-hood, red always standing, sometimes cleanups don’t work on her, I like her on d. Field d i go Frida-kage-guin-red-Hansel, also works and none of them is fully leveled, kage even at 3-70 (half year playing, only 2 tabards :tired_face:). Red is my favorite hero for events too, all having 500hp shield and mana shield going into final stages, she’s an Allstar!


I have the same dillema…i have rh and marjana at 2.60 and its a hard decision.i have plenty of snipers so i go with red hood.Also she saved my butt multiple times with her foxes.either way both heroes are an A

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Hello, I see this is an old thread. Wanted to find out what your decision was. I’m in the same boat between Red Hood and Marjana and could use some Advice myself.

My dilemma is that I’m working on guardian gazelle. I probably would have gone with Marjana except I think the synergy between hood and gazelle May be good. As for snipers, I currently have Magni, Joon, and Kingston. Advise?


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I think i went first Marjana and then red hood at the time.But it was last year and i was short on snipers on that period.Both are very good.If i had gazelle maybe i would go red hood first

Thanks for the quick response.

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Hood is good for prolonging the battle. Marjana is good for ending it quicker. Which fits better your needs?

You already have a few good snipers.


Sorry about the delayed response. I was sniper-heavy, so I went with Red Hood. Since then I’ve maxed both her and Marjana. I use both of them in wars, and Red Hood on green titans. My green titan team is:

Zimkitha +9
Azlar +1
Red Hood
Wilbur + 19
Falcon +18

I could see swapping Azlar out for Marjana for the titans, but his tile damage is much higher, so I keep him in, even though his special isn’t as potent agains them.

Thank you all for the advice. However, my situation has changed some. I managed to pull Jean yesterday. I was excited but seems his reviews by anchor show him to be somewhat underwhelming after his nerf. However, I still see a lot of good talk about him. I have enough rings now for 2 reds, any thoughts between hood, marjana, and jean?


Eventually you’ll want all maxed, but I’d say this is a good order to follow:

  1. Jean
    ?. Red Hood (if you lack Anzogh or Grazul)
  2. Marjana

Red Hood’s strength is in supporting with minions – they heal each turn, and they also protect from mana reductions, giving her use cases against certain Guinevere/Mitsuko tank teams. Her damage to all is pitiful though, even with emblems.

Jean is offensive support but his burn is still stronger than Marjana’s even after nerf. You can use the burn to finish off weakened opponents while focusing your damage on other heroes that have higher health.

Marjana in comparison only targets one enemy. She does get a better class and direct damage though, but I still liked Jean better when I tried him in Beta for his overall fast speed + burn to all combo.

Thank you so much for you input. I was leaning that way. The only reason I was considering hood above marjana was to use with gazelle. I guess they would all have their benefits and drawbacks with gazelle though. I do have zeline and vela who would go great with Jean for a fast AOA team.

Just got Red Hood yesterday while working on Marjana. While I have enough hidden blades to take both to third I’m still a pair of rings short to take even one to fourth.
I have no other 5s leveled, but working on Malosi and have Quintus sitting at 1.1.
The leveled 4*s are BT+18, Mel+11, Sonya+11, Caed+0, Chao+12, Wu+4, Rigard+11, Boril+4, LJ+7, Proteus+12, Proteus 3.60, Gafar 3.60, TheCat 3.58, Triton 3.53. Unleveled 4s Kiril, Tibs, Gretel, Sonya, Mel, Caedx2, gormekx2
I find need for a sniper while a strong Ranger would also be welcome.
So I’m inclined towards Marjana. But are thinking about raising RH to 3.70 before taking Marjana on to 4.80. Any thoughts?

RH minions are squishy, so RH needs to be maxed and even at 4.80 without emblems they are squishy… I would Level RH only when going to max with her. Mine is only +3 and I am hesitant if she deserves more emblems. She was my first and only red 5 star for a long time. Perhaps Marjana is a better choice From gaming perspective as first red here…

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