5 star roster help

Just want an opinion on what heroes would make the best lineup.

I have Kingston , King Aurther , Kadilen, Grazul , Vivica, Marjana , Joon and Horgall.

I just pulled vivica from my tc20 but didnt know if I should spend my time leveling her up since I have Grazul fully ascended talent grid 5 . I’m just a big fan of mana speed lol but any tips I would appreciate it . THANKS

5* healers are handy :slight_smile:
And if you get Viv’s costume well… Game set & Match!

Just my 0.02$

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Another vote for working on Vivica here.

Which of these heroes have emblems? Do you have any purple 5*?
Without knowing that, I’d say Kingston-Grazul-Arthur-Marjana-Joon. It’s not a great defence team but it could work.


  1. Vivica is yellow and Grazul is red.
  2. Grazul is very very minor healer.

So, there are no conflict in between, Vivica is so great… I always bring her with my yellow stack teams.

You still need a tank…I’d use Viv until i get a better one. Also you could use a 5* purple!
All of those heroes deserve the mats except horgall, i’d leave him at 3-70

IMHO… Don’t build your deck around defence… But shes worth it anyway.

Vivica is a useful healer and 5* healers are thin on the ground - she’s durable and you’ll use her plenty even at slow mana.

I have Vivica 4.80 no emblems. I use her a lot. I run 3-2. I do not have a green healer so she comes with me if I’m green yellow. If I go strong yellow, she is with me. Heck, other than Ariel, she’s my best healer. I’d say she’s worth ascending.

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Thanks everyone for your opinion it seems like everyone likes vivica so il go with yalls advice , knight event coming up hope everyone gets a hero they want ( saved me gems for 2 10x pulls trying to get guinevere or black knight) wishful thinking

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