Who Tanks & Who Flanks? Costume Vivica or Ursena?

Who tanks and who flanks?

Zim - Costumed Viv - Ursena - Frida - Evelyn


Zim - Ursena - C. Viv - Frida - Evelyn

Ursena is rated higher but Slow heroes in flank take a while to fire


What level mana troops do you have for each one?

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Also emblems. do both ursena & Costume Viv have all the Sorcerer & Cleric Emblems (respectively)?

anyone else on your roster? maybe there are more options.

Thanks for the quick replies!

Ursena+7, mana troop lvl.11

C. Vivica+5, 3*troop lvl.16

Victor, JF+8, Ranvir

Waiting for 3 more scopes for vela

yeah I would try ursena as a tank. I would consider replacing frida or eve with victor. Stick vivica between the two.

Leave it like that for a week, see where your trophies are leveling off each morning. And then try vivica flanked by ursena and victor for a week and see how that works out.

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Thanks everyone, I tried both setups and Ursena tank with Vivica at left flank has been working best for me. I generally stay around 2500 cups.

I just pulled Telluria and have all the mats so Iā€™m leveling her while I get scopes for Vela.

Once I finish both, how do you think my new defense should look? Been thinking something like:



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