Show your fully emblemed 4 star

There must be people (either now or soonish) that have 4* heroes that are fully emblemed. Last 2 emblems cost 110, so it may take some time. I myself got Hansel, Jackal and Wilbur at 18. Will take me a month, maybe 2 to get to 20.

Here’s your stage to celebrate your newborn 20 emblems 4*.

  • picture?
  • what was your tree?
  • are you happy and are you using it daily?
  • if no picture what are your stats?

Thanx for posting :smiley:


Only one I’m fully done on is Sabina who is sorcerer class

Tree I went was:
Left, Right, Left, Left, Right, Left, Left

Don’t use her over much as I tend to farm with the team I’m levelling and raid without a healer…

Mainly fully emblemed her as I don’t have any other 4* or 5* who’s in sorcerer class and even close to being max levelled.


I have Boldtusk, Grimm, and Caedmon at +18. Almost there…


Tree - R. R, R, R, L R, L, R

I use Boldtusk daily, in fact I am leveling up another Boldtusk


The one and only TheChef. Missed having you on the Stronghold over the weekend. You, thatdad and killa are the ishhhhh.

Thanks bud. I would’ve been there, but I had family stuff to attend. I’m sure we’ll do another one some day.

Not maxed but close. The 20th lvl for BT is worthless anyway.



I’ll keep it to just my maxed ones but have another 7 4* close behind. Brief summary of them, detailed discussion in drop downs: Am I happy with them? Absolutely, I wanted to focus on some useful 4* heroes not just for tournaments but also as they essentially become budget 5* heroes without having to spend 4* AMs on them.

Fighter: Lancelot - Stats on card below + 2% Mana Bonus.

Lancelot - Feelings and Impact on my Roster

Lancelot was a bit of a gamble versus the conventional wisdom of Boldtusk (naturally Boldtusk is better suited to the class ability but the stat boosts to make Lancelot less squishy might do more for my bench).

I feel the gamble was right for me:

Raids and Tournaments: His Mana Boost synergizes well with my other 4* Average speed Emblemed heroes who have had the +Mana buff. Without the need of Mana troops his buff temporarily shaves 2 tiles off their skills making them Fast temporarily for great effect. Works well in tournaments and his dual buffs mean in Buff Booster he essentially grants a 98% Attack Boost to himself and flanks.

Titans: Putting together a red team has been the most tricky for me. The high tile damage reds tend to either be slow 5* heroes that would be less useful for raiding - I’m not yet at the point of ascending 5* to be used in one aspect of the game only - or squishy 4* heroes. Even focusing on being less squishy he’s got over 800 attack for tile damage and between him and Ares I can give the whole team a decent Attack buff to stack with Tarlak’s special.

Wizard: Merlin - Stats on card below + 2% Mana and Critical Bonuses not shown.

Merlin - Feelings and Impact on my Roster

Merlin along with Gretel has been a long time workhorse from me and the two of them were my MVPs for completing all Atlantis levels on both difficulties. Most levels had a single boss so the two of them good take it in turns casting their mana cutting effects to prevent them getting a special off, for levels with two bosses a combination of focusing on most dangerous boss and occasional Merlin attack at second boss to drain all mana sorted them out.

Between them they have earned their emblems the hard way. Proteus would have been the major contender against Merlin but I have Hel for a three person mana freeze that I would typically use instead. I would use Merlin with Hel more frequently than Proteus with Hel. If using together with Hel I would target the Mana Freeze at faster heroes clumped together to buy time from them whilst Merlin’s special either shuts down a fast hero on other side (in which case I try to charge them twice for two mindless slashes) or is held back to waste the special of a dangerous slower hero I can’t readily kill but with all their mana gone it’ll take them more than 3 turns (a 10 combo cascade not withstanding) to recharge. For me it is the 100% mana cut that makes Merlin worth it on that skill alone.

A similar strategy with Merlin and Proteus I have also deployed well in tournaments, in both Rush Attack and Bloody Battle preventing and delaying enemy specials and buying yourself a little more time on remaining heroes has been the saving grace on many battles.

Titans are not in question here as Tarlak, Athena (or Kunchen depending on mood and Mana Pots), Panther, Khiona and Ursula (who’s reflect prevents Khiona taking the damage but gaining the attack bonus from hits) have locked down all slots in my Titan team anyway.

Druid: Melendor - Stats on card below + 4% Mana Bonus not shown.

Melendor - Feelings and Impact on my Roster

I try to have as many healing options as I can generally, especially for Alliance Wars but Melendor does see daily action in raids. Two of the most common Blue tanks I encounter are buff happy (Aegir or emblemed Kiril and Boril - granted the later two are more likely in 4* tournaments) so the despell also is useful, whilst Evelyn often raids with Melendor if I can use Melendor’s despell first it is preferable as then Evelyn can do her full damage without defensive buffs of the first two mentioned tanks or without taking counterattack damage. The fact that until costumed Vivica arrives no 5* hero can safely dispell a counterattack without taking damage made making Melendor and Sabina less squishy meant they added additional options to my roster. Also helped that they’re classes didn’t have an amazing 4* hero in them to compete with them - closest that came to consideration was Gadierus for attack buff on Titans and to put with my other Atlantis heroes (may still emblem him at some point) but felt Melendor would get more use at the moment.


My two maxed 4s. Great for events, and very useful overall. I don’t regret bringing them up there, even though these two classes have very good alternative 5 options.


Falcon is the only one with his specific debuff. So unless similar 5 appears in near future, I seriously doubt you’ll regret your choice. I have him too (not fully emblemed, one third there), and he is awesome.

I’ve been stopping at 18 on my 4s. Those that have added the last 2 levels, do you find it worth it? It seems like a lot of emblems for very little improvement.

I straight up had no idea you could zoom out on your tree.



I debated attack or defence and went with defence, I’m going defence on all my healer / utility heroes though the attack was tempting for titans etc


Since I use both of mine for events (both epic and legendary), it is worth it for the 2% crit boost alone. Might be a bit of a niche effect overall, but definitely a game changer for me. If I didn’t do events, I would probably stop at 18 in most cases though.




She looks even more beautiful than before.


Hit hard die fast :sunglasses: