Emblems, who gets them?

Would you put emblems on any of these heroes or save them for 5*?

I have all of those 4* heroes and have given every single one of them emblems to +11.
In some cases like costume Rigard +20
The only exception being Skittleskull who I didn’t level at all.
You need to max those costumes BTW
Good luck

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Skittel is actually not that terrible but she’s gonna stay where she is. I’m maxing the costumes along with the heroes. I really enjoy using almur but would You give him the lest nod or is it a waist of emblems?

I would have taken mine to +20 - yes
But it depends on what other sorcerers you have.
I have some 5* that I wanted to give emblems to so Almur was left at +11.
You always have the option to reset ….

I highly recommend emblems on 4*. Very useful in areas of the game that will reward you. Mine are below

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of these I have fully emblemed the healers. Melendor and Rigard I’m using often, with or without costume, depending. Gullinbursti is regularly on the field - always in rush tournaments/wars, in this case Gulli is far better than many.

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