Should wu kong be used


…to fight a 7* rare Alpha Gryphon that deflects yellow?! I feel like he is going to just die way to quickly. Even though I’m using Alberich, for healing and reviving. My luck always sucks, so I am thinking about not bothering with him for this one.

Opinions please?!


I think I still used him…with mixed results. I charge him at the beginning and see how long he lasts


If you’re willing to use mana and health potions, yes.


Just faced a 6* of the same

first flag I didn’t pay attention and used Wu, didn’t go so well.

Ended up using 4 purple and bt. 2x Tibs (1 max, 1 60), Rigard, Merlin, BT.

Worked pretty well.


Well, my usual set up for almost any titan is 1 of each color(Alberich, Kiril, Wu Kong, Boldtusk, and Sabina- not in that order). And depending on the titan type I pull which ever one is weak against the given titan and through in one that is stronger.
I’m strongest against purple titans, due to swapping out sabina with my Vivica which is tier 4. But I feel I’m weakest to yellow cuz I dont really have good purple heros, especially when the titan was a rare and reflects light which wipes out wu kong…

I guess I’m just gonna have to work on more guys and try to get more well rounded with my hero colors.


I normally use him anyway if it reflects he may get wiped then again his mana might get charged this has happened several times - its really a give or take.


If you bring Wu Kong against a reflective yellow, bring mana potions to charge him quickly. He won’t lasr long!