Don’t let Wu Kong know I’m asking this

Around what cup or titan level did you start benching him?

I am currently hitting 8-9* titans with my alliance, and find him a bit squishy fighting 9* monsters. Additionally, I have been told by my alliance members to take him out of my AW defense team. He’s still my best yellow, as Leonidas is crawling at 3.50. I love how Wu can turn any of my scrubs to beasts in a hot second. But should I bench him in AW and Raid D?

Context: Currently stuck in the 2000-2200 cup range.

I took Wu out of titan lineup when i had to use mana potions to fire his special. Also,when my Boldtusk got high enough to survive a hit, his attack boost was nice considering it comes without the miss stat.

As a defender, probably as soon as possible/practical depending on who else you have available. From what I’ve seen his main utility is on offense. I’m in around the same cup range as you are and I’ll be honest I’ve never shied away from a raid match-up because of Wu, despite the fact that I tend to go with 2x yellow in my main raid team. In fact I kinda like seeing him in a match because that’s one less slot available for heroes that do give me trouble.

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