Should Rigard get all cleric emblems or share with Hansel?

I just completed fully leveling Hansel and will now begin final leveling for Rigard. I have saved my 86 cleric emblems with the intention of giving them all to Rigard but would it make sense with me to share the love with Hansel?

Who do you use the most? I do not have Hansel, and Rigard has taken all of my Cleric emblems on both accounts because he is a staple of my offense and defense teams.

Like everything else, i recommend picking one hero and getting the hero to max before starting a second hero.

I use both on offense and defense, I’ve only been playing a couple of months and my 4* hero selection is still growing. My plan is to give them all to Rigard but was just wondering if it was worth sharing. Even to just start the talent grid is 30 emblems which is a nice chunk.

Rigard giveth heals, and Rigard taketh all your emblems

I have both. I have 6 x 80 char with healers. So all my emblems go to Hansel. On offense he is still such a game changer and I use him all the time. He is by far my favorite hero.


I put them on Hansel because for now he is my most powerful sniper on offence. He is quite powerful vs final bosses in map levels as well. I take Hansel on like 80%+ of my raid, use him on my defense team and vs blue titans.

I totally understand the argument for Rigard, I use him quite a bit as well. If I had multiple 5* fast snipers better than Hansel I would’ve put my cleric emblems on Rigard too.

Everyone’s situation is different. You have to assess how much you use each character. If either of them are in your defense team you should consider giving that character the majority of the emblems. I’ve only been playing a few months so Hansel is my most powerful character until I finish a few legendaries I’ve been working on. For someone who’s played years Rigard is probably going to be a better choice of the two because their sniper pool is much larger.

Both good choices. I wouldn’t recommend splitting them evenly, if anything do one of them to +1 and then sink the rest into the other.

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Depends if you have any good healers. Rigard with emblems is as good as a 5* hero. If you have enough healers then Hansel

In my situation…all to Hansel.

My Hansel is at +19, and my cRigard is at +16. They are both so good, they are both keeping their emblems instead of giving then to Viv, Snow White or Grazul. PoV will let me take Rigard up to 19 as well, then Viv will start getting the emblems (currently at +2).

My opinion is, use emblems to turn your 4* into 5*.

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