Cleric emblems

If you would choose between Mist,hansel and c Rigard which one would you prefer for cleric emblems?
I dont have any other 5s clerics but i use all those heroes a lot.
Mist is already at +8 i dont think i should strip her.

Problem is each hero has its place,just share emblems i guess?

and what path for hansel i guess def/hp?

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I got two fully emblemed c.Rigards and a Mist thats about halfway.
c.Rigard is for me one of my most valuable heroes, including all my 5*. But I guess it comes down to how important Mist/Hansel is in your current lineup and how often you use them.
In the current meta we are facing a lot of Telluria/vela/GM/JF-combos, so I like my dispellers.


A lot will depend on the rest of your roster.
All three heroes are invaluable. And I have all 3 on max
But without knowing what you already have, out of those three I would focus as follows:
Costume Rigard, Hansel then Mist
Whichever hero you choose, good luck

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All are good heroes…

I currently have Rigard +14, Hansel +14, and Lady Woolerton +7. Mist is nearly maxed and will get her some emblems when I can.

I think all are valuable and get enough use in my roster that I will keep them all emblemed and try to balance out who gets what.

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I would go with Rigard

I would go with Rigard and here is why. Out of those 3 he is the most useful in late game. Avg speed healers are very good and with emblems he will have 5* stats. Healers are always needed and given that you probably won’t have enough 5* helaers for each war team, you will have to use some 4s and if you have 4 healers with 5* stats it makes thing much easier and C rigard is awesome in arrow wars because of the constant healing. You will reach a point when you will have enough 5* hitters and debuffers for war so you wouldnt need to use 4*, but you will still need healers.


+whatever# for RigC… I’ve got two.

And fwiw it’s worth, I also have Hansel emblemed. But their uses are entirely different. I used Hansel on my mono green war team. He’s been replaced… occasionally gets used for a clean but mainly used in 4* raid tournaments. But RigC… he’s a staple for war. For titans. For world map. :woman_shrugging:

Oh yeah… and the costume mana bonus gets him charged in 9 tiles instead of 10 with level 5 mana troops. Huuuuge plus… then the added emblems to booster his stats. He’s very useable in high level wars.


I guess it really depends on your play style (and in a way, what level of sturdiness is sturdy enough for you.)

Personally, I find my C.Rigard sturdy enough. As @Math4lyfe aptly pointed out, bringing down his tile requirement from 10 to 9 is pretty easy, bringing out his healing faster; so, there’s that.

Hansel, I take him in my team almost always only against blue titans (his special is useful to prevent the titan from using its special.) And in titan battles I can use potions to keep him alive.

But Mist… she has pretty much become a permanent member of my yellow raid team. And she needs that additional help to stay alive and do her magic.

So, I went with Mist. Never regretted that decision.
(She even made it to my war defense team for a few days, lol - Her and Brynhild as flanks actually. That team withstood far more assaults than I’ve ever imagined. But I digress…)

This should pretty much sum up my reasoning.

Hope this helps.

Cheers!! :beers:


C.rigard. he is live saver and versatile. Make him sturdier will help u along thru rough journey

another vote for rigard then mist, and then hansel. :smile:

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So funny. I have this exact situation now! I have a Rigard to level 18, I would do him first. I got my Mist up to 11 and he’ll stay theere and I just gave my freshly maxed Hansel his first emblem. Order for me would have been Rigard - Hansel - Mist

I have problem with c rigard class because many ranger talents are wasted anyway (i have mana troop at level 5 so i reduced tiles required to activate) and he is last man standing usually. I also use c melendor brynhild hansel pretty often as part of my 3-2 against green and blue tanks.
I have c melendor, c boldtusk,kiril,brynhild as other healers

I can’t get enough Cleric Emblems… C.Rigard+20, Kunchen+3, Ariel+7 are my big 3. But there’s also Grazul+1, Hansel+1, and 2 x Mist+1. So that right there says I valued C.Rigard above Hansel & Mist. C.Rigard goes to every War and Purple Raid for me; he’s amazeballs. I should probably level up another C.Rigard but where would I get the emblems…?

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From kunchen. :wink:

Stripped mine long ago.

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Pre-Telly we were running Purple Tanks in War so I needed Kunchen. After Telly nerf we may go back to Purple tanks not sure yet.

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Seriously, +20 characters to this.

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In the same boat! The minute Kunchen isn’t my tank, he’ll be stripped like a suspect at the airport!

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They’re all deserving of emblems. I think the question you need to ask yourself is how sturdy do you need them to be? Since you’re not 100% on any of them, my advice would be to leave Mist where she is for now, especially if she’s getting a lot of use. Then give new emblems to Rigard. I don’t know how many you have, but at least give him a couple of nodes and see how that works for you. If he’s not sturdy enough with a couple of nodes, add more, otherwise give some to Hansel.

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