Help me think through my Cleric emblem dilemma

Hi folks! I have Kunchen just a smidge away from max, and he’s a Cleric.

Unfortunately for Big K, along the way I got and maxed Hansel, who now sits at +18 on the talent grid. While I do have x2 Reset Emblems, I’m very reluctant to take those emblems away from Hansel, even though it would give me 395 emblems to spend on Kunchen, and I could bump him to +7 with that.

I don’t think I can overstate this: Hansel is amazing. I use him all the time, he’s a fantastic 4* hero, and I can only imagine the disappointment I would feel if he were dropped back to his “base” 4-70 stats. BUT… I guess his special will still work, he just won’t be as durable or hit as hard. Damage is less of a concern, as typically if I’m doing a Green stack against blue, I’m also bringing Caedmon & Lianna, who do the heavy lifting… Hansel is there to ruin enemy Specials.

What do you folks think? Is it worthwhile to yank all that goodness away from Hansel just to put Kunchen at +7? I’ve been holding steady in low diamond for quite some time now, I rarely, if ever, drop below 2400 anymore. Maybe I can continue to get by without giving Kunchen emblems?

So then, suppose I do go that route… right now I have 28 Cleric emblems. I don’t plan to bump Hansel to +19 anytime soon (because I don’t have a 4* Green mana troop anyway). So this either means that Kunchen will very, very, very slowly get emblems added to him…

[crazy talk]
OR… Mnesseus?? Wait, what? How did a 3* get into this conversation?? :wink: I don’t use him much, but I did some looking, and in roughly the same time I could get Kunchen to +3, I could get Mnesseus to… +18!! I use him all the time in 3* tournaments and events, he’s a good little dispeller who hits hard. Well, what if he hit that much harder and was way more durable?? Could be pretty cool.
[/crazy talk]

Anyway, thanks for reading. I’d be glad to see some other perspectives on this, as sometimes I think I focus in on an idea I’ve already settled on, and rather than engage in more circular thinking on it, maybe someone else’s reply will snap me out of my patterns. :slight_smile:

Good gaming!


Is Kunch your on defence for raids and wars?

If so, I’d use emblems.

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Yessir, front and center:


EDIT: @JonahTheBard, would you suggest that I take away Hansel’s emblems to prioritize Kunchen?

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If you’ve got plenty of ham and iron, you could reset and redistribute

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I have kind of the same dilemma. I gave emblems to Mnesseus back when I couldn’t get tabards to max Kunchen. Mnesseus was my only cleric but then Rigard appeared and took more of my emblems.

Kunchen is at 4/63, so I plan to take emblems from Mnesseus first. I’ll keep emblems on Rigard cuz he’s a great 4* imo.

Hansel is probably as good or better than Rigard, so I’d keep emblems on him. I’d rather have 2 strong heroes than 1 super strong tank. I think Kunchen +1 to +4 is strong enough for a defense team.


Offense is more important than defense in my opinion. The extra defenses you win buy you zero iron and zero ham, and zero kills toward your chest.

Unless there is some compelling reason to emblem Kun, I would keep the emblems on Hansel.


I ninja’ed you, Mr. Garanwyn :smile:


Agree with @Garanwyn and since you are maintaining diamond, it’s not urgent to class kunchen.

Maybe when you have a full 5* defense, but for now, your defense is holding well with your current heroes.

I’ll be having a similar dilemma in a month or two. Currently lvling kunchen now to eventually be my defense tank but I have Hansel +14 and Ariel +4.

Main reason for kunchen is in the long run, he will be my tank. Also seeing more top alliances using dark war tanks. He will wear out your opponents rosters if many of your alliance can tank him.


Mnesseus +18 sounds good but I’d prioritize Hansel first, then Kunchen, then the lil merman.

Btw, check this out:

Crazy, isn’t it? :sweat_smile:

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@Fizban I think you said it yourself. You use Hansel all the time. His emblems are thus being put to good use and at +18 he is a pseudo 5*. I personally get my 4* to +18 and leave them there (i.e. I do not think it wise to get to +20 except for certain rare scenarios). I think for now, any new cleric emblems can go to Kunchen.

There will come a time when your 4s loses value and you will start using them less and less. This is when your roster gets filled with more and more maxed 5s who will replace your 4s in wars. When you get to that stage, thats when you should think about resetting your emblems and giving them all to your 5s.

I also don’t think that 3s are worth embleming. The 3 raid tournaments come around every 3 weeks and at the moment the prizes for finishing in the top 1% is not significant enough for me to want to emblem 3*s that I will otherwise not use.

What ever you do, remember it is dependent on how you play the game and the stage your roster is at!


In general, I agree… I was mostly past the point of using 3* heroes when emblems came out, so I don’t have any 3* with emblems yet. I think putting emblems on Mnesseus was just a wild brainstorming idea that struck me as I was typing my post. Upon further reflection, while it would make him much stronger… I think the overall benefit I’d get from it would be low.

I have another idea to throw out here, though: I have Rigard at about 4-50 or so; I ascended him long ago, he was one of my earlier 4* heroes. I could max him and give him Cleric emblems. Then the comparison would go roughly like this:

For the same emblem cost going forward:
Kunchen at +7 gains +15 attack, +36 defense, +36 HP, and 21% Manashield
Rigard at +18 gains +45 attack, +110 defense, +142 HP, and 35% Manashield

I think there is some merit to the concept that for the number of emblems I’d have to spend on a 5* hero, I can bump up three 4* heroes in that class instead. And this seems beneficial until the point where I find myself having so many 5* heroes leveled up that I don’t really get much use out of 4* anymore. That time seems a looong way off… while I do have twelve 5* heroes, only a few are ascended, and many of them are still at 1-1. So I don’t think I will be factoring that in.

So it makes sense to me that having more super-4* to essentially turn them into pseudo-5* heroes could be quite beneficial.

Side note: Having a 4-70+18 Rigard would probably help me against that jerkwad, Gravemaker. :wink:

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I get where you are coming from. I have plenty of cleric emblems and I have split them between Rigard and Ariel who both see a ton of play when I raid daily. With Rigard, my idea of embleming him was to toughen him up even more so that he will be able to survive the one-shots of Kage and Lianna in Diamond. I have my Rigard at +11 and thats where I will keep him.


It does :slight_smile:


Kunchen having mana shield is way more valuable than Hansel having mana shield. I’d prioritize Rigard over kunchen for emblems though due to the fact Rigard is average mana instead of slow, but either way a purple healer/cleanser with mana shield is fantastic against Guin who usually has like Zeline or Gravemaker or something next to her. I don’t think adding a couple stat points to Hansel really changes anything, kunchen will get more value from the emblems.

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it is simple , only Emblem hero u used in Defense , if you use Kunchen in Def then emblem him even Hansel / Rigard will lost their stats buff. in my case , i didnt use Paladin hero in Defense , i gave all emblem to Sonya even i had Arthur , Sonya+18 = Arthur (even better in Def) , thats mean i got 2 *5 than 1 half baked *5 emblemed Arhur , its good for your bench in AW Offense

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I experienced the same dilemma. I had Hansel at +10 and then maxed Kunchen. Since Kunchen is my best tank I gave him the emblems that Hansel was holding.

Yes I miss the extra durability that Hansel had, he’s my favorite 4*. But I never have to worry about dropping out of diamond with Kunchen at +6.

If your tanking with Kunchen the talents will make a difference, especially in alliance wars.

Either way you go you’ve got two great clerics.

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Thanks for the input, everyone!

I think what I may do is use a Reset Emblem to pull the Cleric emblems off Hansel, which will put Kunchen at +7. Since the +8 talent has a fairly high cost, I’ll be saving emblems for a while anyway.

Meanwhile, I’ll play around with non-emblemed Hansel for a while to see how much of an impact it will have on my attacks. Maybe it’ll be fine. But if it is awful, then I can decide to start putting emblems back on him as I get them. This may seem like a waste of a rare Reset Emblem, but… I kinda feel like I screwed up Hansel’s emblem placement anyway. I pushed him heavily into the attack side, but I think if I were to do it over, I’d take the DEF+HP side of the talent tree in a couple places instead - making him more durable.

And if it turns out that Hansel is still fine without emblems, well… I can save them up and keep pushing them onto Kunchen, or if I end up maxing Rigard in the meantime, then I can give some to him. :slight_smile:

All in all, I think it’s a good problem to have. :wink:

Good gaming!

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My cleric emblems are all on Ariel. I also have a maxed Hansel who I love to use. Sure, he’s a 4* so he isn’t as durable as a 5*, but I haven’t had too much trouble keeping him alive. I used him in war today, too. You probably will notice a drop in durability because you are used to him with emblemed stats. There will be a difference. Even without emblems, Hansel is amazing. Been using him in boss battles. I love how the strategy changes with him; when his special is active, I purposely dump tiles into that boss and laugh as it hurts itself. Hansel is great! Just got Gretel and plan on maxing her. I hope she is just as much fun.

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I would not recommend to reset Hansel unless you use Kunchen alot for offense.


Been a while since I posted this… Hansel kept his emblems and still has them to this day.

What has changed since then? Let’s call him SUPER-RIGARD! :wink: I got Rigard’s costume, and cranked up emblems on him. He is awesome. I take him to lunch all the time, it’s great.

Now… I find myself having to decide, AGAIN, who to spend my Cleric emblems on, now that Rigard has eaten his fill.

Here are the candidates:
Kunchen (already at +7… he recently got bumped out of raid def by Telly)

IMPORTANT NOTE: None of the above are in my raid defense (Lianna-Magni-Telluria-Ursena-Joon).

Going by recent usage, I’m leaning toward Hatter or Grazul. Hatter sees regular use in my 3-stack Green (with Lianna and Telluria). Grazul has been seeing more use vs. Telluria in particular, but I’m also finding her generally useful against enemies like Drake, GM, Justice… and she just rudely giggles at JF. :wink:

So, given the four choices above… who benefits the most from starting down the Cleric emblem path? Gut feeling is Hatter edging out Grazul because he benefits from +Attack since he hits pretty hard with a direct attack.

Good gaming!

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