Cleric emblems: Rigard vs Hansel

Hello all,

Here is my concern, presently raiding with the following team around 2300-2500, Hansel-grimm-ares(4/40)-magni(3/70)-kiril which is good but can’t afford some defense like Justice or Drake fong tank, the debuff is just too painfull.

So im working on an second team with Rigard- Seshat and proteus or tiburtus ( some try are needed to confirm the last one, one more emblem concern…)

By the way guin is not a concern as ill probably still use my blue stack to snipe GM, but rigard is also good here

Nevertheless I still think Hansel will be party in both. Hansel is just so good in offense, such a joker who can save you almost every single day.
He unblock so many situation like cut a dangerous sniper, help to clean the board, prevent a dispell when Ares buff is up. I mean this budy is a clutch by himself.

Meanwhile, I read a lot about Rigard, I know that heavily emblemed is closed to a 5*. His cleanse can make a lot in a party.

At the moment I just unblock one node from Hansel and seating on other emblems which wait for Rigard and Seshat. But maybe Hansel worths a try.

Any thought guys ?

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Seshat is a ranger :wink: so she doesn’t share cleric emblems.

I would unlock the first node for both to give them a chance to activate Manashield. They’re both pretty useful for raiding and manashield activating can save you from common nuisances like Onatel or Guinevere tanks.

From there I lean towards Hansel to get the rest.

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Yes I know Seshat is not a Cleric, to be clear, I wait Rigard and her to build my second team, still missing one tabard and 4 tool traps.

Oh gotcha, I got confused with this line ^ . I get it now.

I still vote for Hansel

In my honest opinion it would have to be Hansel

Just opinions here, feel free to disregard them like my wife does, it doesn’t hurt my feelings anymore!

Rigard > Hansel in most cases. A lot of variables play a part in making these decisions.

Do you have other healers/cleansers you can lean on? What about mana manipulation heroes? See you have Proteus and Kiril. Whats your preferred style of play?

Don’t get me wrong, im not saying Hansel is a bad hero, he’s not. I use his sister quite often, because I just LOVE screwing with my opponents ability to generate mana. But so do a lot of others. Rigard is my go-to healer with the cleanse. Seems like there are more mana manipulators than cleansers out there (possibly just the bad luck of my pulls, but it’s the one ability I seem to always be short on when I need it most.

You won’t regret either decision though. Have fun, bolster the hero you use more often and enjoy the most.


In my very very honest opinion… it should be Rigard.

I have Hansel+1 and Boril+1.
And the rest cleric emblem is in inventory for Rigard.

… TC20 is in on the way research… 1 day 13 hours more… so I hope Rigard will come out from there or from my TC13…
Thats it… :sweat_smile::innocent:

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I have to admit here, that I went with Hansel on the basis that Kiril and Proteus are already in the bag …


he says with a Rigard Avatar :slight_smile:

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I’ve had same doubts…and as for now my hansel is +12, while I gave rigard just first emblem to activate mana shield. And I have no regrets as hansel + proteus can really mess up any def team. This deadly combo allows me to raid back teams with 90% success rate that have tp at ca. 4100 - 4200.


I’m extremely fond of having healers leveled first. Life/HP is the only thing a hero needs to be a winner at the end of the fight!

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Did first Hansel as i fancy more attack and my style is aggressive attack, but started also Rigard and if don’t get somehow Ariel or Kunchen will do him as well to +18


So far I’ve given them all to Rigard as he’s my tank but I plan to split the emblems evenly between Rigard and Hansel. Right now Rigard has +4 and the next sets I am giving to Hansel to get him to +4 and then will switch back to Rigard unless I get a 5* cleric or decide to make Boril my tank who is still unleveled.

@jinbatsu why the +1 only?

My Hansel is maxed now and Rigard is being taken up…I love my Hansel but Rigard is one of the most valuable healers in the game. So I’m torn on who to give the emblems to.

Also, I have Proteus with emblems on, they are different classes but they are also both mana control heroes so I’m not sure if that should make a difference. But I’d love to hear your opinion on it.

I’d vote for Hansel. In fact, I did vote for Hansel - he’s at +18 talent grid, and Rigard is… not even maxed yet. He’s been stuck at 4-52 for a long, long time. (Granted, this is mostly due to me having gotten Kunchen, who is Super-Rigard, but still…)

I do plan to max Rigard someday, but I think he’s very durable without emblems, whereas Hansel benefits more from being beefed up a bit. I almost never use Rigard (except as deep bench in wars); but I use Hansel all day, every day. :slight_smile:

Good gaming!


Hi Qwikening, thank for your reply, I might bring more context. Presently I’m playing for 3 month only. So, no I have no other cleanser and as you noticed they are rare. But I realy dont feel a lack of here, cause in pve/ titan, world there is pot for it. While in pvp most part of debuffing things can be countered.

For intance Kiril overwrite both kunchen and zeline debuff, Ares nullife GM dot etc… The only think im naked against is blind, thats why I need Rigard.

As I said I m playing for 3 months only, then I have no mana troops at lvl 23. This is a huge concern as I raid more and more against top teams. There is a lot of mana controler around here but they are average. I mean I do like a lot proteus but hes ready just too late, yes Gretel do what Hansel do, but he does it just faster, and thats why I pick him instead while I have the others.

Hansel is fast and he often up when needed and realy help other average in my party to be ready.

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Well, my Hansel is already maxed around a week ago, I still test with my playstyle and still searching about Hansel in this forum.

I keep emblem in inventory for Rigard, because I have prepare good purple stack team and with Rigard it is very well synergy, and I still waiting Rigard from TC pull or Portal.
And I do not have good green stack yet, I mean if I have Evelyn and Buddy, then maybe I can split both emblem.

Well, okay, maybe I will bring Hansel to +4.

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I’ve had Rigard maxed for awhile, and he is at +18. I find I used him all the time so increasing his durability was definitely worth it. I will stop at +18

Hansel has been maxed more recently, and is now at +3. He also sees a lot of play but fast mana means he rarely dies before firing. I am going to boost attack and defense and take him to +18 as well

I think Rigard first was right, as he gets used all the time. But both are excellent and very good at their roles, so you can’t really go wrong


Okay, since Hansel is already maxed and I’m still bringing Rigard up I guess I can start with Hansel. It just takes time to accumulate emblems.

My Rigards (3) will never see an emblem from me, because Hansel and Ariel. However, I would put some on him after Hansel if I had no Ariel.

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