More emblems for Leonidas or not?

I have Leonidas 4/80 +9

Now I have enough emblems to go to +10 but I don’t know if could be better to save them…

This is actual situation:

Holy 5*
Leonidas 4/80 +9
Bai Yeong 3/32 (I don’t know if he will stop at 3/70)
Vivica 4/80 +8
2° Vivica 3/15 (maybe she will be retrain)

Holy 4*
Chao 4/70 +20
Li Xiu 4/70 +20
Hu Tao 4/70
2° Hu Tao 4/70 (he will be food for someone else when 2° Chao will be ready)
2° Chao 2/22

Monk 5*
Leonidas 4/80 +9
Aeron 4/16

Monk 4*
C. Boldtusk 4/50 (Boldtusk is 4/70 +20)
Li Xiu 4/70 +20

I’m still waiting my first Joon… :frowning:

Thank you

Costume boldtusk will take standard boldtusk emblem path, don´t need to emblem him again, so you need fighter´s emblems.

Don´t feed a full leveled Hu Tau, he ma be useful in non re-usable events.


I only use my Leonidas on offense with cLi Xiu, Guinevere and Neith for some mana reduction combos. He works fine with no emblems for my purposes.

I don’t really see any better monks on your roster either, though I think Joon is definitely the better monk so waiting for him to pop out of either TC20 or HA10 might be better.

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I agree, maybe it’s better to wait and save the emblems

Yeah I’d wait he can still serve well at +9 with out adding more and then having to do a full reset for a future project.
I also wouldn’t feed your leveled hu tao as will be usfull for tol or trails if no other fighter.

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You’ll strip him when you land Joon eventually, so it ultimately won’t matter too much. Depends on how much food/iron you want to lose in the process. If you land Wilbur you probably would strip him too.

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In fact… Joon and Wilbur are surely better than Leonidas but I don’t know if it’s right to wait when I will land because I can never find them.

Maybe as you said I can still upgrade Leo and to strip him when finally I’ll find J and W

Is there a forum list with all the monk heroes?

Have a look at this

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