Now that my Jabber is maxed

…who should I strip emblems from?

  • Li Xiu+6 (maxed costume)
  • Wilbur+6
  • Both
  • Neither

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Currently Jabber is at +3, and if I reset one of the above I can get him to +6. I’m inclined to go with Li Xiu since I don’t use her all that much except for war, but if I can only get 3 more nodes on Jabber it almost hardly seems worth it. Wilbur is relegated to titan duty these days but I feel the extra emblems help him survive just a bit longer.

Maybe you’d like to share more on your heroes, your game focus, and your emblem ing philosophy.

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Game focus? Can’t really say there’s any particular focus other besides “level more heroes, win more wars/tourneys, place well in events, grow my bench”.

Embleming philosophy… well given the limited amount of 5* heroes I have, most of my emblems are on 4*, and that’s unlikely to change for quite a while. The philosophy there is to heavily emblem the best in class/those I use the most to +18, then either hold the remainder for when a 5* shows up, or work on the second best if there is one available.

There are two schools of thought for applying emblems: 1)make your best heroes really, really good and 2) make al your useful heroes better :woman_shrugging:

I tend to be in the 2nd category and have lots of emblems on my 4* and even some 3* (Nordri frex is +20). Personally I use Wilbur a lot and if I moved emblems off him I’d end up putting them back later.

LiXiu, maybe, depending on how much you use her. I tank with LiXiu+9 and stay comfortably in high platinum/ low diamond so haven’t been in a hurry to strip her emblems

I only have 8 fully leveled 5* and they only get emblems if they really need them, if they’re in my war defense, or both

I’d keep them on both I take some 4* to +7 as still value in quests and events also tournaments.