Question about having multiple heroes with the same talent that you eventually want to emblem them to level 5 of their talent

Sorry for the super long title but I am in yet another (one of many on an extremely long scroll) dilemma as I have multiple fighters thank want to get the level 5 res for. Thing is splitting the emblems so they level up evenly for the most part. Fighters on my main is right behind barbarians as one of my most represented classes. I know 4 stars take 505 emblems to fully go but with some heroes I intend on only going to node 15 to cap off the skill.

Others I intend to max out all 20 nodes. I was just wondering what would be an effective way to bring them up side by side without stressing over it really?

Bonus question, who would be better off with monk emblems Li Xiu or Leonidas? I know Leonidas is a staggering 1500 emblems but I am gonna be possibly sitting on potentially a third of that if the darts are gonna take their sweet time.

Side by side is going to be very slow no matter which way you look at it.

The thing I do is give each of the 4*s you plan on embleming a few nodes, and the rest of the fighter emblems go to the one you use the most.

For me right now that’s Boldtusk that I use most. While Lancelot, Hu Tao, etc. are at less nodes than him.

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I would pick a point on the emblem tree (probably either 4 or 7) and bring heroes one at a time to that point, then bring everyone to the next point one at a time. Doing everybody one node a time will take too long to be useful.

I’d say Li Xiu over Leonidas for the Monk emblems, mainly because of the cost difference


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