Should I thin my roster?

Are there any heros here I should just feed away. Ones that arent worth the time and mats to lvl?

My first response is why would you? You have plenty of space

If you really want feed some chaff, then second Ei Dunn, Agwe, Layla, second By Ulf look like candidates to me


In my honest opinion, I think it’s too early for you to start looking to thin your roster. Keep collecting until you run out of space and then come back and update you post.
From your current roster, I wouldn’t feed anything away yet


Ху Тао, Агве, Валет как минимум

And start leveling those 3*!



I agree with @Infinite; you seem to have space, so no hard decisions to make. If you follow the advice in the thread and level up your 3* heroes, you’ll have space.

There’s a mantra that one should never eat a 5* hero, and, to a lesser extent, a 4*. Even though there is a consensus that some heroes are duds but for every alleged dud, there are a few people who like that hero as she or he fills a niche. Its further complicated by the fact that for folks newer to the game, any four or five-star hero is welcome while for others who have been around a while, Hu Tao and Kasshrek are somewhere between “meh” and total feeders.

I’m a fan of Anchor’s Hero Grading as a starting place to think about which heroes are good for you – i.e., fill a need on your roster.

Good luck, and don’t eat anyone just yet!

Ric is right here, but I think it should say “to a lesser extent, a 4*” just to be clear

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Infinitely more clear, @Infinite

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