Who to keep, who to feed - help me clear some roster space

I have acquired quite some heroes over the 2+ yrs I’ve been playing and I am now at a point where I don’t want to spend gems to increase roster space. I therefore need your help to decide which heroes to keep and which I could use to feed others! Here is my roster - thanks for your help!

I have a rule… I never feed maxed 3* or higher. Personally, I’d get rid of all 1/1 season one heroes and doubles, except for the 5*.


Buy more space…
Feed duplicates to others even though it is 5*

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even with the upcoming HA? thanks for the help so far, ate a few s1 4* heroes

Props on the nice roster. I agree with @Evilyn that as a rule, I don’t feed leveled heroes; and most of your heroes are maxed – which is great.

You ask about the Hero Academy. Oiy, will it ever be released? Will it be so darn expensive (require so much food) that it’s worth doing? Imagine feeding in a bunch of food, all your extra Obakans only to get back Quintus. Yes, you’ve made room in your roster, but without really improving it, IMO.

If you are going to violate rule “number one,” never feed a maxed hero, you have some candidates. When was the last time you used Kashhrek? So, modify rule 1 to say never feed a maxed hero unless that hero hasn’t seen action in a war or tourney for 3 months.

If you are going to violate rule “number two,” never feed a five-star, you have some candidates there, too. Azlar, Khagan, Horghall, and Guardian Owl might be fed. If you haven’t leveled them yet, that may tell you something. Or save them for the Hero Academy.

You definitely have some four stars (non-duplicates) that you could prune if you wanted parsimony: Danzaburo, Agwe, and Skittleskull are candidates here, though you have Skittleskull’s costume, so she may be a keeper.

At the moment I am sitting at 198 cap, and heroes occupying 178…I feel it’s still better to buy 5 more slot…

However for space management , my personal rule,…no dupes for 3* no matter how rare.

And, I have fed 1 horghall, because I had 3, there is just no hope of ascension or anything else for the 3rd, same goes for some 5*…3 Leonidas, one will become a fodder. Some 4*, I don’t bother keeping their dupes., note also that each costume now comes with it’s hero…

Therefore, I hope this gives you a premise to make your decision.

Problem is for good scores in tournaments and events its goos to have 2xnordri,chick junior,bjorn etc

HA Level 10 is the only thing out of the Academy that’s going to be potentially worth a damn. With a roster like yours, even Level 10 won’t be worth it to you. Hero Academy is going to be a monumental disappointment to established players…which is sucky because only established players will be able to afford the Stronghold 25 upgrade necessary to build Hero Academy. And, yes, it will be very expensive! VERY expensive!

I believe the trend of new heroes and limited roster space is going to force players to buy more roster space or abandon strengthening your standings in Rare and Epic Raid Tournaments and Challenge Events. It’s moving in a direction where it won’t be possible to own at least one each of every non-Season 1 :three: :star: hero without buying extra space.

It really depends on you and your long-term goals. Are you okay with where you are in Rare and Epic Tourneys and Challenge Events? If so, then you may need to feed off Agnes, An-Windr, and other untouched :three: :star:s you don’t have copies of and every single untouched :four: :star:. If that’s not something you feel you can do, then buying extra roster space is really your only other option.

Hero Academy’s accelerated testing in Beta has me believing it will be released Live not long after Sand Empire. (Again, that is my firm belief, and is only speculation at this point.) How it’s currently structured isn’t going to benefit very many players. When you feed a fully emblemed Mother North into a training and receive an unleveled Khagen in return, that should tell you something. But that too could change. The developers have the authority to make changes whenever they want based on feedback.

I have a slew of unleveled 4-star heroes I’m not sure I will get to, but I’m waiting to find out at Hero Academy’s official release if any of them will be worth keeping. So far the answer is ‘no.’

If Hero Academy is released under the structure in which it has appeared in Beta, then I won’t spend resources to even have it built.

Edit: Saw Level 10 Retraining will include past HOTMs and Challenge Event heroes at a drop rate 4x better than a past HOTM in the Legends Summon.

Okay, so Hero Academy could be worth building just for that. Also, since HA is entering final rounds of testing on Monday, I would not be shocked to see it Live in game within the next couple of weeks before Sand Empire.

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