Little John vs Grimm (no other ofensive green around)

Hello people. I really want to emblem Little John but im not sure until what point or until which node.

I have 132 barbarian emblems. If i reset gormek i could go to 200.

I know the logical option and optimal too is put them on grimm but im lacking on green options having only kashhrek maxed besides little john.

I remember an user @olmor if im not wrong who had a full emblemed little john. He took defense route and it seemed a solid all aroud hero.

So the question is.
Is it crazy to put the emblems on LJ and put asaide the embleming thing on grimm until i summon a better option for the color?
I can reset all the emblems and only lose food and iron

I suggest you to go with him until +14 (14th being a def node). Go right-right-right-left-left. Therefore mainly defense, but also atk where possible. He doesn’t need more than +14 for now… After you finish these nodes, you may begin Grimm if you don’t get a barbarian 5* worth of emblems.


Thanks @Scarecrow . I will do that.

I found an image that someone posted time before. He took exactly that right path you suggeted above.

Here’s mine on alt account. I stopped at +14 though I have 65 emblems sitting in my inventory. But it is not necessary. Grimm is +19, LJ +14 and I save the emblems for a future good barbarian. I won’t do the mistake to use emblems only to reset after and waste a lots of resources, if I get a good hero. +14 is quite fine…


You know how many barbarian emblems costs to emblem Up to +14?

And if you dont mind could you upload a picture of your lj? To see the final result

Thanks in advance

I just did it above :slight_smile: 320 emblems for +14

L.E. If you referred to a picture with his stats… 793-641-1060


He’s also a solid hero tbh, I find he’s underrated around here in this forum. Almost like a hit-all version of Proteus, as -63% mana delay makes even v. fast heroes take considerable hits to charge their skills.

I agree to go defense primarily though as he’s very frail and needs all the help he can get with surviving hits

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I disagree…attack path makes him a might fine hitter. His defense is too low to make any real difference on his survivability IMO. Might as well make him as deadly as possible while he’s still alive!


Sorry Bro . Despite your little John is a real hitting truck, and i like It . I took Daves wise.

Here is mine in process


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I should probably add that this isn’t a bad idea either, depending on goals and playstyle. If you prefer his higher attack, then attack path makes absolute sense – his stats lean that way.

To deviate a bit with Grimm, I use him myself to compete in monthly challenge events, and I emblemed mine towards the attack path for that reason.

But most other players I know chose defense path, and frankly I think there’s different roads to success with Barbarians like Grimm, Little John and Gretel. See this conversation:

I myself don’t use mono-green often for events or quests, it’s mostly raiding. So that’s why I prefer my L.J. focused on defense.


I only need him for his mana debuff and he should become as sturdy as possible to survive until his cast even in high diamond raids and heavy quests. I never thought of high tile damage or hard hitting with him, so I wanted him sturdy and healthy.


I think this comes down to your play style…no wrong answer here.

This is my LJ…

If you have not many green options, having only Kashrek and Little John, I don’t think adding emblems to LJ will help that situation? Grimm is really good, and I think he is better choice IMO. Just wait for better greens. I think you might have remorse focusing your emblems on him.

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