Should I level colin Kellie or scarlet for wars

I’m rounding out my war team number 6. I have 29 fully leveled 4 and 5 stars. 8 purple 6 green 6 blue 4 yellow 5 red. For my last spot I’m choosing red since I hate the 4 star panda. Should I level colin Kellie or scarlet. Sumotomo is also an option.

Scarlett for attack stat, or sumitomo. Neither of the other 2 imo


Scarlett has a tremendous attack stat, even if KIA will still do some incredible tile damage.


If you want somebody that could make a difference in a raid either offense or deffense it would be wise choosing Colen. His only drawback is his slow mana. Scarlet might have a bit better attack stat (not by much), but if you get Colen charged, the opponents will have a hard time unless they have a cleanser ready… Of course there are better red options: Wilbur, Boldtusk, even Gormek maybe for the defense debuff and 5* HP…

1 vote on Scarlett because of tile damage. She also might help in titans.

Dont stop at 30 war heros, I’m roughly where you are at in terms of my bench. If you’re fighting allainces that use same tanks I’d like at least 6 strong in each color for now.

For example if they are using yellow tanks I like to stack 3 dark and 2 (whatever the more annoying flank is, let’s say its zeline she pretty common, so 2 red)

When I’m tapped out of dark I’ll use an 4-1 offensive. So let’s say again it’s a yellow tank, I’d stack against the more annoying flank.

You’ll greatly increase your odds of success stacking instead of going in with mostly rainbows.

Some are put off by “missing hero tiles”, but think of it this way, if you stack 3 heros against a tank and each of those colored tiles does x3 damage you’ll need alot less luck than trying to throw 3 times the amount of tiles to do the same damage or more if they are “weak tiles” and you wont charge their abilities as fast. Just need a bit of tile luck, but it really is the best chance of winning using stacking


Another vote for Scarlett

Scarlett. Attack for the win

Already got those others. Thanks for the info.

I’ll do scarlett first.

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If it was for defense, I’d say Colen; if he goes off say at flank he’s a problem. On offense, my first red 4* was Kelile, and she worked great for me. I’ll have to abstain re Scarlett, as I only just drew her and never had the chance. For you, I’d say both Scarlett and Kelile if you have the option.

Of course it is your decision to make, but I use Colen on offense teamed with Gormek and Boldtusk every single day, with amazing results. Using this offensive trio I got up to almost 2700 cups with no 5* hero available. So it definitely works… În higher platinum Colen is present in many defense teams while Scarlet I rarely see… I definitely wouldn’t trade Colen for Scarlet. As for Kelile, I have her at 4/70+4 and I only use her for red mono on green titans and for wars. I never use her on raids.

But you’re talking about raids while he wants another red for the war team. In raids you got all the time you want and theres no aid and if you lose you can try again. In war you have the aid and only one try per hero.
Scarlett is weak in a defense team thats why you dont see her often, same goes for Colen tho, with the exception that you see Colen more because of his special, he does significant damage if he pops off and if you dont have a cleanser you’re basically done.
To me in war, in an stacking attack team Scarlett is definitely the better choice since it got all you need for a fast and smooth cleaning, fast mana, has one of the highest tile damage for a 4* and she lowers 3 heroes attack for 6 turns.

I think you can’t go wrong with either of them and I’d suggest leveling all. My personal preference would be Colen, but I don’t mind slow heroes. Scarlet has the higher attackstat, but Colens is pretty good too, so it comes down to personal preference. As others said, when Colen goes off he does a lot of damage, while Scarlet just slaps you in the face. Her attack down is very helpful with staying alive though.

I’d like to add that I haven’t leveled Kelile yet, I got her late and always had another red project since. After I finish Zimkitty, she will get leveled (although I am still hoping I’ll finally get a Wilbur, he will go first)

Scarlett imo, atk down debuff is also really good.

All three to 3/60. Then, depending on your play style, pick one to ascend


Keep in mind with emblems Colen can revive and seems to alot.

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