So I have no shortage of stuff to ascend and I’m at that stage where I have nothing especially exciting to level so as always I drift back to my level lower heroes to flesh out teams. I’ve done all the cooler new 3* i had in the last couple of days (Bjorn, Chick Jr, Squire Wabbit etc) so time to look at my 4*.

4* Reds I’m light on as I only have Wilbur/Boldtusk/Sir Lancelot levelled so I’m a bit short there. Tbh I could ascend all 4 of the above as I’ve got like 25 hidden blades or something but I don’t like wasting resources just for the sake of it.

Specifically after heroes for Tournaments on Challenges.

My initial view was Scarlett for the higher attack stat but that didn’t really pan out with Sir Lancelot. Sumitomo looks cool art wise but doesn’t really look that hot Stat and special wise to me. Sumle looks a bit wild and Colen does his thing, especially in the rapid tournaments. But none of them really feel that flashy. I may be missing something so feel free to help me out :slight_smile:

Scarlett was my first red 4* so I’m biased, but with her high attack and debuff 3 at fast mana I think she’s a no brainer.


Since you already have a solid base of red 4’s, I recommend either Scarlett or Sumle.

Scarlett - high attack stat means she’s great for titan stacking, and fast speed is always good offensively. With a few talents, she goes over 800 attack easily.

Sumle - Pairs well with Wilbur to spread out any misses that happen. Sumle was part of several top spots in the last Event. He packs the biggest AOE punch of any red 4*.

Between the 2, I’d lean towards Scarlett. Her attack down debuff lasts 6 turns, and I think that gets over looked a lot. She’s a great hero.


One more for Scarlett, especially with your current reds. She’s often used in tournaments.
Sumi is not that great, I maxed him too.
Sumle and Colen - only for rush tournaments I guess. You’ll get more out of Scarlett.

My Order:



I would also recommend Scarlett. I find her very useful, and am actually leveling a second for war team flexibility. Sumi has never posed a threat. Colen has use in 4* Rush Attack. Sumle I am not familiar with.


Scarlett wins then.

I’ll get her levelled over the weekend. Then just for the lols I might do Sumle.


Another vote for scarlet. I maxed her and she is great on any occassion. Titan, raid, story mode.
Colen IMO is a great flank/tank especially on a 4* tourney.

Sumle… yeah you will get the bigest 4* AOE IF YOU ARE LUCKY… his accuracy is poor. Put him together with wu and your hit will be like 100% missed.
Now with Sumitomo, you won’t find him useful on any strategy. He is not a good riposte hero because he can only buff himself… he is just a below average sniper with his damage AND Average mana (most sniper is fast anyway)… and lastly his mana booster only work if he is being hit. A very passive ability unlike other mana booster heroes.

So my priority will be Scarlet - Colen - maybe sumle if you don’t have any other project - and forget about sumitomo :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I actually love Sumle… And all this about his accuracy is over exagerated… Yes he misses sometimes but he doesn’t miss every time lol… Not even most of the time or even a quarter of the time…

I initially levelled Sumle for tournaments… But now gets a lot more use than any of my other 4* reds (excepting Falcon)… More than Scarlett, Colen, BT, Wilbur…

For reference, this was in the last two alliance wars against maxed & emblemed 5* heroes:

Sumle is also amazing for the Challenge Event if you’re rerunning stages… Between him and Colen with falcon & Wilbur & BT as support, not much is left standing… Period.


I got a Sumimoto, and I completly agree with @udee , though only on paper, as I have yet to ascend or use him. I think it depends of your game style with the others, I maxed Colen over Kelile and swited me well, but I don’t have Scarlet. Probably, she is the best.
But, I’ll consider Slume because it intrigues me. It seems good on paper against green tanks in a red stak, because his high attal stak and because he is slow. Why is that good? Probably, when you charge him either the tank or one of the flanks are gone, or you are screwed. In the second case, no comments. In the first case, he hits 4 enemys at 305%, that is no joke.

And, is this true? If the accuracy penalties staks, he is a no no with wu (52% less). But if the penalties do no stak, well, is just an aditional minus 12% in enchange for a 185% attak buff. I love to use Wu, Colen, or Ursena Wu.

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I usually use wu together with AOE dealers to compensate his accuracy debuff, like Li, Colen, or Hu. You will need to take a bath in holy water if all of your 5 attack failed to hit any target. I know its a little bit exagerated to say that sumle’s attack will always missed when paired with wu. But 50% missed can always punished you hard especially when you have a tough board to play with.

Anyway my point is if you want to play with sumle, just don’t pair him with wu :grinning:

I was working on Sumle when I got Marjana, so had to bump that dude… But I assure you I almost regret Scarlett.

I have Scarlett and Kelile each with 11 emblem nodes. Kelile hits like a 5* and dies like a 4*. Scarlett hits like a 4* and dies like a 2*. Bad RNG boards and AI targeting and Scarlett is dead.

When I’m done with Marjana, I’ll finish Sumle, then Colen.

I started enjoying Sumitomo by 3/60, his counterattack buff made him a Target for the enemies and that way I was able to kill stronger enemies. Now that he’s emblemed, he’s just sweet, so…
Sumle > Sumitomo > Scarlett > Colen


I reckon most of the above comments are right on

Except anybody who puts Sumitomo anything but last probably doesn’t have him ascended. He is such a pile of crap, for the reasons outlined by @udee .

The rest definitely have their place, but he is just no good. Does not deserve hidden blades

Edit: just pulled Sumle myself! Sounds like fun


The Sumle love is definitely making me want to level him too now. I have Mist, Brunhild and Mireweave all levelled (and they are all awesome 4*) so I guess for completionism I should do Sumle.

Though then I have to do Stonecleave and he just baffles me…but that’s a whole different thread…

And done. Had some emblems spare so chucked them in. She’s a bit of a glass hammer but the attack stat is decent for sure. With Wilbur and Boldtusk they should be able to keep her going. Really want Guardian Falcon now. He’s alluded me for too long…

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i just pulled Sumle what should i do to him . Should max his level or stay at 3/60 ( i do have the blades). he hit so hard even on his first levle(not a single touch on the level up bottem on him), while using him in Morgiva-last level (season one) can do almost halve of the mobs creatures’s life from his speacial skill. i just don’t like him about the low life part. The mana spead is very easily to fix, and he did not miss any creature (like 2/10 of the chance he mis).

If you have Wilbur that’s a good pairing as it spreads the damage on a lowered defence. If you can pair with Guardian Falcon then he has potential to deal some of the highest AoE in the game.

I’ve maxed mine and so far in testing with Wilbur alone (I don’t have Falcon) he has some scary big damage numbers

Sumle is extremely useful for taking large chunks of health out of complete teams. I’m leveling a second one because he’s been doing great for me in wars and raids, especially with the green tanks.

I agree with this. Colen and sumle are the most comparable because they have slow mana. Both take a while to charge so what do you want? A slow burn or a one time kaboom. Seeing how long they take it may make more sense to ha e a sledgehammer rather than 5 hammers.

That being said I would NOT recommend sumitomo. I’d say Scarlett if you like fast mana or sumle/Colen if you prefer more damage.

I agree with @Guvnor. An emblemed Sumle when properly used can scare the hell out of 5* star teams too.

Having said that, drawing from my experience, let me try to provide a different perspective and a slightly different argument for Scarlett.

Let me start by asking a seemingly irrelevant question.

Do you love playing with WuKong? Do you like taking Wu into your attack team often?

Because if you do, chances are that you depend more on tile damage (than on specials) to take out your opponent teams. In that case, you should go for Scarlett. (Emblem her and her attack stat puts many 5* red heroes to shame.)

How does this work? Following is the team I used to use - and often, still use - to take out teams way above my weight class:

BoldTusk - Wilbur - Falcon - Scarlett - WuKong

BoldTusk - for heal + attack boost
Wilbur - for helping the team survive AND his great synergy with Wu
Falcon - Red debuff - no explanation needed
Wu Kong - Again no explanation needed
Scarlett - to maximize base tile damage and take advantage of all of the above.

This team helped me take out opponents way above my weight class innumerable times.
If the board is good to begin with, expect the opponent team to be wiped out within 5-6 moves. If not, carefully play around with the board, focusing on keeping Wilbur, Falcon, and Wu alive. As long as they survive, there is a very very good chance that you’ll win - Since Scarlett is primarily for tile damage, you don’t need to worry about her survival.

Seeing that you already have BoldTusk and Wilbur… and assuming that you already have Wu, I’d suggest you go for Scarlett. (If you have Falcon, awesome! Else, you can always use Lance- helps with the tile damage again and also provide mana boost to BoldTusk and Wilbur.)

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


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