Kelile or Sumitomo

When fully maxed…who’s better? thanks!

Sumitomo if you have other Sakura family members. I use mine with Mitsuko and Aemonna, mainly to push Mitsuko into the sweet 9 tile spot I want her in.

Otherwise, Kelile is better. She’s fast and her burn damage is more dangerous than Sumi’s counterstance to himself only.


What do you think of Scarlett?

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That’s a tough one. Rather depends on what you are using them for, team makeup etc.
Neither are outstanding but both are very serviceable for AW and Raiding.
Sumi is better for a defensive hero IMO although Kellie is not terrible either. Kellie is much less squishy than say Scarlett plus is also Fast on mana generation. Sumi is average but his mana generation gets a boost from his special (diminishing)


Scarlet is one of the best red 4*s IMO. Very frail but her damage output is great, her low defense is somewhat compensated by the atk- ailment she casts with her skill.


I loved Scarlett when I was raiding in a (mostly) 4* arena. She’s squishy but hits hard, and paired with good healers, she does really good damage.

Now that I’m mostly dealing with 5* defenses only, she’s just too squishy to be usable, and she’s been languishing in my bench. Right now, Jackal is getting my rogue emblems, and I’ll probably start giving them to a 5* hero next, but I’m really tempted to see how effective she is emblemed up.


The only advantage of Sumimoto, at least for my roster, is thathe is a fighter, while Scarlet and Kelile are both rogue.
So if you’re thinking about class quest and your fighters are low (my stronger one is Valen so…), i’d edge Sumi in second over the one you left off at first.
I got Kelile at 4/41 and Scarlet will wait for that only reason, class quest
If it weren’t for that, he would wait after Nashgar :rofl:


@DaveCozy, my Scarlett was ascended and emblem without hesitation. She hits like a truck and is an indispensable part of most of my red stack raid teams. I much prefer Scarlett over either Kellie or Sumitomo.
But we take what we are given. I wouldn’t waste Emblems on either of them but they are great for AW and even some defenses (depending on your options).


Agreed, but if he has Scarlett there’s no question about whom to level

Yeah true, I didn’t find that detail out until the next reply.

Scarlet > Kelile > Sumi

unless you have other Sakura members with mana troops, in which case it’s:

Scarlet > Sumi > Kelile

All in my opinion.

I gave all my Rougue emblems to Scarlett as well, Khiona is not fully maxed to get them yet, and regardless it’s not likely that I’ll pump all of them on her anyways. There’s no good 3* Rogues either so it’s not like Scarlett had any competition. I pumped her with the attack route and she hits very hard.


@BarryWuzHere, I’m embleming her now, Attack buffs of course. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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I concur with @DaveCozy’s opinion. :+1:

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Yeah this what I’m stuck on! For class events both would be a great help to me to maybe finish the 3rd tier.
Got the family amennoa+9 n danza nearly maxed and the 3*
Both will be used in war aswell