Should i keep leveling lianna

ok i know that she is awesome and i have her with her costume. my problem is i was right in the middle of maxing out my yellow Quindolyn when i pulled her. so i just started working on lianna this week .Right now i have her on first stage level 31, so its still early. Well i just got lucky and pulled Telluria and Tarlak also. i have a green 5 star maxed right now with Evelyn. So should i keep rolling with Lianna or stop and go with Telluria. i now have 7 five star green heroes , Margaret, Gregorian, Evelyn, Tarlak, Lianna, Telluria and Kadilen. But only one is maxed and i can max one more right now, just need to know who .

So as I understand you:
Maxed = Evelyn
Options = Lianna, Margaret, Tarlak, Gregorion, Telluria & Kadilen

What other 5* heroes do you have/ maxed?

Tarlak is usable at 3-70 against most titan levels (up to about 10-11* level)

Telluria is a good healer / Tank but her offence capacity is purely as a support… Tanks are good but you don’t need a tank… in fact most parts of the game that YOU play are on offence so having a defence tank doesn’t help there at all…

Lianna is BEASTLY when paired with Evelyn. The two together essentially end any targetted hero.

Kadilen & Greg I would leave be for a while.

Margaret should be the last hero you touch.


right now the only other maxed 5 stars i have are Gravemaker and Sheshat but Quindolyn is really close to being there too, and thank you for your help.

Since you have Lianna already leveled a bit, and ascension materials to get her the second chevron are likely not an issue, I’d recommend taking her to 2.60, and see how much like playing with her. You can do the same with your other Green heroes that you think are worthy, and then make a more informed decision about what you’d like to do. That gives you a plan for your green feeders for a good while.

So you have Lianna WITH the costume and are hesitant on maxing her? MAX HER NOW!!! You will use her EVERYWHERE. She is one of the best heroes in the game. Telluria is awesome too, but Lianna will give you more IMO.

Who is this Quindolyn?? :no_mouth:

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I thought OP might have meant Guin, but now I’m just not sure.

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Sorry I wasn’t paying attention when I was typing it ,my phone does its own thing, what I meant to say was, Quinavere.

Yes definitely keep levelling Lianna. Even without costume bonus she is wonderful, so with it she will be even more brutal

And @Raghadorn are you some kind of clairvoyant? I have no idea how you got Guinevere out of Quindolyn, seriously impressive joining of dots there


I would keep going on Lianna. Gravemaker and Guinevere are amazing tanks so Lianna will help you more than Telluria right now. I would do Tell next though

Level up Telluria first, an easy decision. Just look at all the people complaining she’s over powered. That tells you she’s great. Telluria is great on offense and defense, and will help you out long term. Lianna also is good, but I assume you have some good snipers in other colors, so she’d be duplicative.

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