Opinions on green 5 star heroes

ok my first green 5 star was actually Evelyn, i finally maxed her and have a few emblems her. since then i have pulled Gregorian, Margaret,Kadilen and a Lianna with her costume. i have enough mats to max another green and was curious to see what you people think would be best move. my issue is Greg and Lianna both are rangers and all my emblems are on Evelyn and Sheshat who are also rangers. But with the costume Lianna becomes cleric class.

+1 for lianna

lianna is, I believe, the absolute highest damage sniper in the game and the costume bonus to her base stats only make her more lethal.

stack her with eve and good things can happen.

her costume might be cleric but it still needs ranger emblems to be leveled btw.


You need ranger emblems for Lia, no matter if costumed or not, but even though I would take her.

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If your choice was between Gregorian and regular plain old Lianna, then I might see it possible to argue one way or the other.

But if you have Costume Lianna, then… she wins. :slight_smile: I have regular plain old Lianna, and she is awesome. I cross my fingers for her costume every time the portal comes around, no luck yet. :wink: I don’t even know that I’d actively use the costume, just the idea of giving her +5% Atk & Def and +10% HP is worth leveling the costume, to me.

I also wish I had Evelyn. But I’m doing OK with my newly-arrived Telluria along with Hatter & Lianna for my 3-stack Green. :smiley:

Good gaming!


Lia becomes a green Alasie when dressed up.

Average Greg will be dispelled too often imo.


Lianna with her costume bonus is excellent, and is super effective paired with Evelyn, even without emblems. I think she is more deserving of emblems than Eve anyway, but i wouldn’t pull them of Seshat unless you have a better purple option for your D team.

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Another vote for Lianna. I use her and Evelyn together on green raids and it is very effective - there are very few who survive that one two punch even from full HP. Lianna gets my emblems also, and is on my defense. She is that good

I have a maxed Kadilen and she is pretty disappointing. Margaret is generally regarded as niche at best, or just plain awful. Greg is slower but apparently good on Titans.

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So, to put it as simply as possible:

Fast sniper + costume > Average sniper + crit buff

Crit buff is nice and all, but chances are, that’s all you prob really care about [with Greg] - and that works fine at 70. & Fast always beats average, especially as she even hits harder than him at a faster speed, and can also lower mana gen [in costume] too. So in order for her to hit the hardest possible, which is what you’ll be using Lianna for anyway, she needs to go to 80 - no question


Even without costume I favour Lianna over Gregorion.

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You should absolutely ascend Margaret over everybody else…

Please, don’t take that seriously. But you may seriously consider Lianna with or without costume.


Thanks everyone for your input much appreciated,I will post all my heroes and I am open for setup suggestions,

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