Next Green 5 star?

So with the recent balances/costumes/etc…I have been torn on who to ascend. I am hoping i can get some thoughts. This hero would only be used in Offensive situations

Current Maxed
(1) Lianna with Costume +6 (3 extras at 1-1)
Telluria +3 (stopped putting emblems on her once I learned of the balance that just happened. Otherwise should be +19)
Alberich +15

Current levels of others I would consider maxing next.
Elkanen with Costume 3-70 (both maxed at 3-70)
The Hatter (3-70)
Margaret (2-55) (started leveling today since i just finished Costume Dom)
2nd Lianna

Others not considered
(4) Tellurias…1-1
(3) Lianna…1-1
Kadilen NO costume (3-70) rarely use
Horghall with Costume (3-70 but costume is 1-1) Never Use anymore

With the recent changes I am leaning towards Margaret…maybe Elkanen with Costume…maybe a second Lianna…or do i wait? Green is my weakest maxed 5 star heroes

First, let me say you have some solid green heroes; nice!

I am still pondering Margaret, and I believe there’s another thread on her new worth as a result of the re-balancing. I’m not convinced, yet, that she’s much better than before. I may be convinced of it, but I need some time (side note, I did use her in a raid this morning just so you know I am actively thinking about her).

Before leveling a second Lianna or Telluria, you might consider diversity and go with Elkanen or Hatter. Elkanen is solid, of course, but his special is not-so-special. I don’t see a lot of Hatter, but his stealing of buffs is interesting. Kadilen’s defense agains specials is nice, but you don’t seem enamored of her.

I assume that you are looking to build your arsenal of green for wars? If that’s the case, it may be worth doubling up a Lianna or Telluria – if you use them frequently in war, their seconds would be handing if facing coordinated blue tanks, right?

I have Telluria, Lianna, Elkanen, and Horghall maxed. Of these, Horghall is my least used. (He was my first green five-star, so sentimentally, I like him, but he’s not great.) We’ve faced blue tanks several times in the last month or so, and I have used my second and third copies of Elkanen and my second Telluria in each of them.


Thanks! Overall I have been liking diversity in my roster. I may take her to 3-70, than play a bit before I max anyone. With having Elkanens costume that might make him a good contender also. At 3-70 I find he is not very good. I have used hatter a ton at 3-70 and also don’t find him that good, but he might be better maxed. Facing an emblemed up Elkanen has been harder than Hatter from I have found on defense. But again, none will be on defense.

I don’t think I would max another Telluria. Lianna would be better, but I am so unsure as none of them really excite me. I broke my rule about a second of anything when i leveled up 3 costume rigards for war. :wink: So maybe doing a second Lianna would be good.

Thanks again for the information! Might just be better to wait and see how the preform a few weeks

Here is just one thread re Margaret:

Agree that Elkanen’s costume does make him tougher.

I think Rigard is a good hero on whom to break your rule: Copies of him are pretty handy in wars.

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Thanks! I had read that earlier. Might have to keep up with that one.

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Hatter is fun if you use him selectively against opponents that have fun buffs to steal. :wink: It seems some don’t realize that he also kind of hits like a truck, too - 375% dmg with a 735 attack rating, and half (“minor”) damage to the sides, it’s nothing to sneeze at.

I’ve had a maxed Hatter for quite some time, I’m just about to the point where I’m ready to give him some Cleric emblems to make him even stronger. I use him every day, he’s a constant part of my 3-stack of Green when I’m raiding against Blue tanks. (Usually it’s him, Lianna, and Telluria.)

As pointed out elsewhere already… Elkanen’s costume seems to be no slouch, either - hits pretty hard, and steals heals from three enemies? Cool, in the right situation.

Since I don’t have Elkanen’s costume, I’m more likely to ascend Margaret than Elkanen next.

Good gaming!


I have 2 maxed Lianna’s and haven’t ever regretted the decision. It’s great having them for Titans, War, Raids, Tourneys, Challenges. I would definitely advocate for the 2nd Lianna particularly since you’re looking for offensive capabilities

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Great information! That is true I do use Hatter Selectively. I think i need to play with 3-70 longer…for all four. 2nd Lianna, Elkanen, Hatter, Margaret. Currently have 9 tonics…so not far off of ascending two

Very true. I somewhat regret ascending greg. but at the time he was my best green i had besides a maxed Alby and Lianna.

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