Seeking green advice

I’m torn on who to level here
Liana, Margaret, Gadeirus and Kadilen.
I read mixed reviews on Margaret.
Gad seems pretty awesome as a secondary healer, buffs and dps but slow on mana.
Liana and Kad seem to square evenly. Depends if I want pure dps or the added buff.
Just looking for some opinions before I dump feeders.

Not even close, definitely Lianna.

Do you already have maxed greens?

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Just level Lianna lol

Lianna is the best pure sniper in the game. Even at 3/70 she outhits a lot of maxed heroes.

Nope. I just started getting some green finally

So do you generally just burn the same element?

I’m having trouble figuring who to keep etc. I’ve been saving everyone but am currently out of room.

I heard we will be able to trade in characters soon?

If you have gems, buy extra hero spaces, don’t throw away a 5* and good 4* are hard to get back.

Of the heroes you mentioned Lianna is by far the best.

Do you have a bench of maxed 4* and 3* heroes for war, challenge events and raid tourneys? If you still need to build your bench Gad may be the way to start and hope for another good 4* before going all in on a 5*. You can max 2 4* for the price of a 5*

I would keep each unique heroes at least one. If its a great hero like Lianna or limited-time hero like Margaret, I will keep even the duplicate.

You will get more hero slots as you level up, if you want to expand it quickly, you can buy slot increase in shop, the first 5 5-slot expansion cost 50 gems each, the next 5 5-slot cost 100 gems each and so on…

I don’t have anyone maxed out so that it is kind of my concern. Who to build on.

Lianna and Kadilen even?? LOL. No. Just max Lianna and don’t look back. She is awesome in every facet of the game.

No maxed out of any color or just green?

Regardless of that answer you are in desperate need to bench depth. First get Lianna to 3-70, if you cannot ascend her to 3rd tier take Gadeirus to 3-60 first.

IF you have enough materials, Lianna to 3-70 followed by Gaeirus to 3-60 followed by Margaret to 3-70 and then Gadeirus to 4-70. This will take a while and you may have more green heroes or a better idea of who you need based on the rest of your roster (my money is still on Lianna being the first one to go to 4-80).

If you are running out of space, see if you have unneeded 3* heroes you can eat and if that isn’t enough space seriously consider buying more space with gems. The initial slots are not expensive and I found it to be a necessary investment.

I do not have anyone maxed yet. Here’s a shot of my roster. I have duped due to not knowing if I should keep them or not.

I did splurge on this event, I got excited lol.

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