Liana or Kadilen

Wohle I NOW have the necessary Items to Level a Green 5* hero to maximum, I Would appreciate Your opinion on which One I should choose.

I have the following 5* heroes maxed:
Green: Telluria, Kingston
Blue: Isarnia, Richard, Perseus
Red: Grazul, Marjana, Jean-Francois
Purple: Sartana, Clarissa, Guardian Panther
Yellow: Vivica, Malosi, Ranvir

The following are at 3-70:
Green: Kadilen
Blue: Thorne,
Red: Azlar, Zimkhita, Khagan
Purple: Obakan, Grimble
Yellow: Leonidas

And the following are in squad, but Not levelled to 3-70:
Green: Lianna (3-10), 2nd Telluria,
Blue: 2nd Richard
Red: 2nd Marjana
Purple: Domitia, Aeron, 2nd Clarissa
Yellow: 2nd Vivica

World make Sense to Go Witz a Green ohne…But who: Kadilen or Lianna?

I think you have Telluria as a tank, so I vote for Lianna. I’m an attacking player, so I prefer snipers.

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I would also lean towards Lianna, another sniper beside Kingston sounds fine.

What about emblems? Do you have some for druids (Kadilen) and rangers (lianna) to spend.

Maybe costume for Kadilen might change the decision.

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Kad is useful with her costumes, otherwise i wouldn’t take her to 80. More the snippers the better. Lianna is a killer in mid and end game. I have 2 of her and i still would not mind taking another.

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Definitely Lianna.

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+1 Lianna… best sniper on the game.

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I have three Liannas and one Kadilen maxed. No costumes for any.

I’ll take two Liannas over Lianna + Kadilen in a 3-2 raid team. I vote 100% for Lianna.

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Thank you for your opinions. Ist was also my First idea, so I will go with Lianna :slight_smile:

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Lianna is imo the best sniper in the game. Her health and what not is garbage, but she kills what she hits.

Just to follow up in the above: with my heroes in mind, would you ascend Lianna or Zimkhita?

Why not both?

But if you have to choose, with Kingston and Sartana already maxed I think Zimkitha would give you more options.

Then again, Lianna would give you three maxed in each colour, which would better satisfy my slight OCD.

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Was going to suggest that Zimkitha is also a great hero for you to level. Fast cleanser and the element link that recovers health is nice as well.

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Would like to, but I only have one tome of tactic and one damascus blade…

Ah, yes. I have been in that position myself.

Either one is good. Lianna balances your colours but Zim adds more variety to your setup since you already have a few snipers.

Good luck.

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