How do you select targets for war attacks? leads, how do you determine target selection?

i’ve never been in an alliance that assigned war attacks, although we sometimes coordinate in chat. since i’m usually a mono player, i try to go after targets that have a bunch of average speed or slow heroes or a bunch of healers. i’ll occasionally get burned by overhealers (looking at you, Heimdall), and even the worst boards can still be turned around by the time a slow hero is ready to fire, but that’s my general strategy. Rush Attack, it’s heavily dependent on the battlefield, but i still generally try to go for healer-heavy teams.

what’s yours? what’s your alliance’s? how does it change during Rush Attack?

I don’t. I let players do their thing with the following provisos:

  1. Use war flags wisely and efficiently
  2. Do not go Rambo attacks
  3. Use the right heroes and troops to do the job, and pray you have decent boards and a good eye for the best tile to be moved
  4. Ragtag teams should be only for clean up
  5. Don’t rage on bad boards. Log out, get some breather, return back after a few minutes, forget the previous hit, and attack again
  6. Having fun while doing war hits.

I run mono teams. I’ll pick the biggest SOB on the battle field and punch him right in the nose with my strong team against his tank. Then I move to the next biggest guy and stack against the flank and work my way down untill I’m at my last flag with scrubs. I’m confident hitting 4300 to 4400 defence teams with the scrub team which is just the 4* heros I’ve replaced with 5*'s on my goto teams.

I used to hate wars, untill I quit caring about my score. Now I go into war with the mindset if just busting a hole in the big defence teams so the cleaners can do their work, but I’m usually good for at least 4 one-shot kills. Note, 4 one-shot kills on defence teams stronger then your defence team will cover the points lost by your defence getting killed 4 times. Your last two flags are used to help the lower level players cover their lost points.

You have to use raids to find your sweet spot on the defence teams you can be effective on. Drop trophies, and work your way back up to the level your at now. You will notice a spot where the weaker defence teams actually give you trouble. Make a mental note and always hit ABOVE that spot.

Mono attack teams can easily take defence teams that 400tp stronger(300tp to 500tp stronger is my sweet spot). I’ve even one shot teams that were 1000tp stronger then my attack team, but don’t recommend doing that unless the leader gives you the thumbs up.

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I always aim at the big dogs first…

I’m not the strongest player of our 15 member alliance but one of the most aggressive…

I use my strong mono against the tank (we usually face same-color defenses) of the most powerful opponent…

After this i usually use my weak-against-the-tank 3-2 with utility heroes… and Proteus and Merlin…

After this : pretty straightforward:

Unless Rush war than the 3 neutral mono teams…

I aways go for the big ones… there is always something you can exploit…

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