Alliance war algorithm is way off

I am not sure what happened this time around, but the algorithm for the wars are way off. None of my alliance teams did any damage to my opponents. My first team’s mana ( which was fast and average) never even filled before my team was demolished. Please fix, I am not the only person having a serious issue.

Are you saying there is a matchmaking issue, or a technical issue or bug with gameplay?

On matchmaking, we (my alliance) haven’t seen a bad match made in months really. some slightly stronger, some a little weaker, but all within an acceptable tolerance. I have seen some people post bad matches but those are fairly rare

If you are saying your team on an attack got overwhelmed then maybe different hero choices or a different target may have been optimal. Without naming the player, can you post the team you attacked and what you attacked it with, so that advice or other input can be given? In some cases what seems to be a bug or problem can just be bad boards, which we all get


I’ll have to agree with bad boards being a huge factor. Also, when it comes to mana generation did you keep in mind who the opponents were and their specials? Even the new resist talents to characters need to be kept in mind.


I was referring to bad matching. Like you I haven’t seen a bad match in about 3 months, however this match seems really off. I am usually good at matching and winning in war. I Will keep in mind new strategies and using new heroes. Thank you

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Yes, I thought I was careful in my stacking against the tank and heaviest hitter, and usually that works. Definitely many bad boards.

Agreed, the alliance we got matched against is much stronger then ours. They have 7 teams over 3000, we usually go up against groups with 3 or 4 above 3000.


I’m going to have to agree with @Infinite here. My alliance hasn’t noticed anything different. Some teams are stronger, some are weaker, some don’t bother even trying. But as far as the fighting has gone, I haven’t noticed anything different? Is it attacking specific? Can you explain, or show us what is happening? There’s always a chance there’s a bug, these things can happen.

@BulletEponge, my alliance just got matched with an alliance that should have destroyed us. Fortunately for us, the majority of their heavy hitters must have opted out.
We would have been decimated from the looks of their top 12 players, but only 2 even bothered to fight. So it turned out to be a more even match than it initially looked.

Edit: so far anyway :wink:


Im new in my alliance. Ive been with them 17 days. So far we have not one a single war. Every single alliance we go up against is at least 10,000 points stronger than us. We were about 54,000 when i started and we are just under 60,000 now. Since joining this alliance it feels like we dont stand a chance. The last war we had 6 teams under 2000 points and the opponents had none. We have 4 teams over 3000 and the opponents had 9. My last alliance i was in was really relaxed and only about 2/3 of the players were active ( like playing at least every other day) and we went about 40/60 in wars. I dont know but it seems like we are getting matched against way stronger teams everytime. Maybe its something that we are doing. I dont really understand how war match making works.

I understand we are using the war score for war matching, however I still feel the matching was off.

so the same thing happened to use too. The other team had 35 unused attacks and we beat them by 200 points. lol

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It was bizarre, most of their top players didn’t even use a flag?