Setting up best defense

Howdy E&P folks. Very soon I’m going to have 4 maxed 5 star heroes. Almost a full rainbow, missing a Blue. Please help me with the best defense I can set up.

Mitsuko - 7 emblems
Gregorian - 6 emblems
Khiona - have plenty of Rogue emblems ready
Justice - could level up 3 emblems.
Blue 4 star - Kiril (5 emblems - Sonya (15 emblems) - Boril (1 emblem)

Any advice would be appreciated

Greg Kiril Mitsy Justy Khio

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Would you swap Justice and Khiona with one less hero getting Khiona’s attach boost?

You would almost have to swap them for her buff.

Load her up with emblems shes a beast. Mines at +12

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Sonya - Khiona - Justice - Mitsuko - Greg

Mitsuko is nice there because the natural choice for a 3/2 stacker is purple/blue, which could obviously backfire on them.

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No, slowies should flank and are wasted on wing imo, except Alby or Mum on left wing.

Hitting tank up to average mana, supporting flanks up to slow and fast sniping wings, if possible.

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