Advanced player needs advice

Hey Guys,

I am at the point that I don’t want to spend much more money on the game. So I want to make the best out of my current team (see picture below).

For this I need some input/advice for three questions:

  1. Which unascended hero suits my team best (I can fully ascend one in green, purple and red each)?
  2. What can I do better with allocating my emblems?
  3. How can I improve my Defense Team?

Please don’t let your opinion get distracted by my comments/rating.

Thanks so much for all your precious replies!

Green Ascension should be Lianna/ Greg probably Lianna
Greg might be a little more utility on titans, but Lianna will be better everywhere else
Seshat should be your purple
Marjana Red

Proposed defense after this Alberich, GM, Fong, Seshat, Alice—
Or Lianna, GM, Fong, Kage, Alice

War defense of course depends on whatever your alliance is running, but this seems like the most punishing. You could also use Onatel as a tank, some personal preference.

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Alberich - Onatel - Kunchen - Drake Fong - Alasie
you already have them emblemed and they are your best defense available.

Lianna, Seshat and Marjana would be the best overall heroes you could ascend at the moment even if Gregorion and Elena rocks in PvE.


I feel pretty strongly about Alice over Alasie on the wing. I think the Rogue emblems are just so good and good rogues are hard to come by making her even better.

But ranger is no joke on a strong sniper like Alasie either! I’d lean Alasie for the mana reduction help personally.

Agreed that it’s strong, but it’s much better on offense. The dodge can be way more impactful.

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Closed at OP’s request.