Help with rogue emblems

Hi friends,

I need some help with placing emblems correctly. I have Guardian Jackal with 10 emblems, they aren’t going anywhere.

Now I have Khiona with 8 emblems. I used her on defense but got Kunchen so She got replaced. I use Khiona a lot taking out Guinivere tanks while raiding.

Now I have Sif who will soon be maxed. She will replace Justice in my defense plopped right next to Kunchen. Should I reset Khiona and give the +8 to Sif? Sif is tough on defense giving Kunch a big boost when her special goes off.

Any insight is appreciated.

Khiona is probably the best Rogue in the game from Dark Element. How do you usually perform in Class Quests that use Rogues? I would say if Khiona is not involved in those quests or has a very minor role, it probably wouldn’t hurt to reset the emblems on her too bad.

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I have Sif, Khiona and a maxed brynhild all work very well together. Only class I’m weak in for emblem quests is barbarians.

Just remember that removing emblems will make her slightly weaker for those Rogue Quests, but you can still use her maxed at 4/80, but I’m sure you knew that. If you feel that de-emblemizing Khiona won’t negatively impact your results with Rogue quests, I don’t see a problem especially since it will benefit your primary defense.

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Great advice Mothra, I always enjoy reading your opinions.



Thanks, man. Sometimes I question my value to this community.

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In my book you have solid opinions. Keep chiming in, its always good hearing from people who love the game.

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