Who should be my tank? Mitsuko, Khiona, Justice or Onatel

Given a choice of these heroes below who should be my tank?

Khiona - getting my rogue emblems
Mitsuko - almost maxed will get my Sorc emblems
Onatel - need to decide this weekend if I should give her my darts
Justice - currently sitting at 2/60. If maxed would get my Paladin emblems

I was leaning Onatel but am hearing more bad press on using her on defense. Maybe Mitsuko with Onatel/Khiona flank? My last 5* are an almost maxed Evelyn and Isarnia.

Suggest you start your decision tree with which heroes work together. I really don’t see emblems as a starting point.

Just saying.

I agree on the emblems. Probably shouldn’t have put that in the original post.

I am currently sitting in high platinum and push into Diamond most days. Li Xui is my current tank and I drop 150-175 cups overnight every time I hit Diamond. And I expect to. I’d like to have a better defense. I know any defense I put up in Diamond will be beaten. But I’d like to be defending in low Diamond. These 5* are my only real choices as replacements for Li.

As for talent synergy I am missing any fast 5* snipers, Khiona is my biggest hitter. I know any team with Mitsuko and Onatel will be relying on a bad to below average board to win. I could stop Onatel at 3/70 and finish Justice instead. Just have no experience with her. My thoughts on a 5* lineup that best utilized my heroes was:

Current defense: BT-Isarnia-Li-Khiona-Evelyn
New Defense: Rigard - Isarnia- Onatel - Khiona - Mitsuko
Evelyn - Isarnia - Onatel - Khiona - Mitsuko but no heals

or swap Onatel for Justice


I have Onatel almost max with Justice 2^60, too. But, your team says Justice.

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