Need Help for Defense/Offense Team


i am now for around 7 month in the game and now is the question to Build the perfect lineup, especially for War Defense. Is there a difference in building in relation to field boni?
I posted this a week ago in another subforum and received no answer, so i suggest it was in the wrong area of the forum.

This is my roster:

Blue: Athena, Misandra, Kiril, Sonya
Green: Tarlak, Evelyn, Kashrek, Melendor, Little John
Red: Mitsuko, Elena, Gormek, Lance
Yellow: Onatel, Joon, Wu Kong, Li Xiu
Purple: Kageburado, Cyprian, Ameonna, Proteus

This what i am dealing with. The 4 Stars are mostly full ascended, if not they can be.The 5 stars are not fully ascended, but i got most the materials for at least one in each color.

What would be perfect to defend in war/raids? Or should i work on a special colour and none is realy good.
In Offense i simply stack colours against the tank and try to win. :slight_smile:

Thanks in Advance

You have superb heroes there. The real standouts are:

Athena, Evelyn, Mitsuko, Joon, Kageburado

Probably arrange E A M K J

Just my opinion.

Blue : Athena is clearly the best heroes of the 4 you got.

Green : no idea, but Kashrek can be boring, especially if you also have the health bonus. Evelyn could be a good choice as well even if everyone here will tell you that she has to be with an other green to be really efficient. I’d pass on Tarlak who’s only good for titans (imo again).

Red : Mitsuko or Elena, not sure. Prob Elena if you go Kashrek as a tank, or Mitsuky if you chose Evelyn.

Yello : Onatel as a tank for sure, but in this case, forget Kashrek. Or I’d go Joon.

Purple : Kage of course lol.

Not saying it’s the best comp but individually, I think that Athena / Evelyn / Elena or Mitsuko / Onatel / Kage are the best heroes. (not in this order)

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