Seshat or Khiona?

Hi guys!
Considering that my only maxed purle hero is Sartana and I have a 3/70 Khiona…what do you suggest to do? Go on with khiona or start Seshat?

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What level is your manatroop if you have one?

level 11 mana troops

Seshat is anti guin and her abilities and mana speed also better than khiona

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In a defense Seshat performs better.
She is a faster and more versatile version of Domitia.


Fast sniper that resists mana reduction.

At lvl 11 mana troop = 9% mana boost. For offense, it will make a difference for Khiona more than Seshat right now (10 tiles → 9 tiles), which will bring Khiona and Seshat needing almost the same amount of tiles (she needs 8 RN even with mana troop + element link mana boost). You’ll want level 17 to go from 8 tiles to 7 tiles for Seshat (considering the mana boost she gives herself too).

For defense, they both benefit: Optimal Mana Bonus Numbers for Every Mana Speed (Now including Ninja Heroes)

Khiona is good in defense, where her berserk boost soaks up tile damage and hits back the attacker hard; on offense it’s only okay, it works well against yellow titans when stacked with Wu Kong/Ranvir or Tarlak (she’s the only dark 5* hero that boosts attack). But with a 3 turn limit it’s got limits otherwise.

Seshat is overall the more flexible hero, being a fast sniper that is naturally the case. So I pick her.


Might want to check those numbers, an average speed hero needs a level 23 mana troop on offense to drop a tile sadly and fast needs a level 29 to drop a tile. If these ideas are based around after Ses fires first time, then that’s different obviously, so maybe I’ve misunderstood.


You are right! I think I was adding Seshat’s element link (since both heroes are dark) and assumed both would be used in the same team :stuck_out_tongue: (4% + 9% = 13%, which is the same as lvl 23 mana troop)


So …should I go for seshat?

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Indeed. . 20 characters

Seshat is for raiding, Khiona is for titans, depends which one you prioritise.
Of course you can max seshat and sit her next to 3/70 khiona in titan fights for some big damage too.

I also have Sartana as my only 4/80. Kunch at 3/70 and currently working on Hel, 3/40. I was for sure going to give her the tabards, and then pulled Seshat.

Should I continue working on Hel/ascend or focus on Seshat once Hel is 3/70?

Ascend Hel


  1. Hel
  2. Seshat or Kunchen or Khiona
  3. see 2
  4. see 2
  5. Sartana

All very good heroes, IMO.

Of course, depending on how it fits your existing heroes, and your playstyle.


Hel no questions asked

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actually, Seshat is better then all other *5 dark heroes.
mana fast, with minions her life up to 2 k and damage 1 to 3,7 k. resist mana reduction… and this are the numbers without troops.
far better then Hel or other *5 dark. and i say this cuz in 1 vs 1 i beat a +8 maxed Hel with Seshat, ascend 2.

Seshat for me aswell. Awesome heroes.

With her, when you see Guin, you can laugh at her, play with your foots instead of your hands, close your eyes, and destroy her anyway. Luv’ her

Fast mana, dispell, nice damages… I mean… She’s awesome !