Seshat #2 vs Sartana vs Khiona

So, I find Seshat to be extremely useful, and I have the ability to max a second one, but I also have my first Sartana or Khiona to choose from. What would you do and who would you say is the best of the three?

Do you have emblems waiting for Sartana?
If not, I would favour Seshat#2.

Khiona is more interesting… Attack buffers are useful and the beserker type ones have potential to create significant boosts when damage is taken (especially if you can make sure they take damage by using a spirit linker like Wilbur).


I don’t have emblems waiting for any of them. The first one to get emblems would probably be Seshat*1.

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seshat for power or khiona for fun.

I would do 2nd seshat.
I have 3 leveled and never looked back, best purple sniper

I have 2 Seshays and Khiona +14. Love Khiona, take her to literally 95% of my raids. I use her far more than Seshat still, but I’m probably an exception. The boost is such a difference maker for me, and she’ll take a hit better than most snipers. Together, they are a dynamic pair.


I did Seshat 2 over Sartana, but I’m not sure if I would have done the same if I had Khiona.

Still, Seshat 2 will never disappoint and she’s useful everywhere.


Sartana isn’t the question, since Sesh is already an enhanced version of Sartana.

Khio, hmm…
Seshs minions aren’t dispellable.


I like the combination of seshat and kihona as raid attack team, together with Kunchen.
I had kihona maxed already, before I did get seshat.
But I think I still would max a kihona first, before the second seshat.
Also as seshat is a amazing hero and I sure gonna max my second one too at some day.

One thing I failed to mention was that all of my maxed purple 5* are either vFast (Victor) or fast (Seshat, Obakan, Thoth-Amun) with the exception of Kunchen.

I like variety. They are all hitters but different classes. I’d mix it up for trials. They serve similar roles outside of that.

I’d like to add a little bit of perspective :
Do you have rigard’s costume ? If so I say seshat number 2 especially if you have emblems for rigard. Else khiona is a bit more flexible with titan participation

I have all three, and run 2 Seshats as well.

I run purple mono.

For me, the choice is Sartana for a few reasons.

  1. no competition for emblems with Seshat
  2. targeted 2ndary effect - very useful after Seshat1 kills a flank to target a wing and have it die 1-3 turns later due to poison vs hoping the minions proc and target it
  3. fast speed synergizes better w Seshat than Khiona
  4. Poison and Bleed from victor stack

Arguments against Sartana:

  1. you are using wizard emblems on Victor
  2. you might use Khiona as a tank (she’s serviceable and arguably better than Seshat in that roll
    3)… can’t think of another.

I ran Rigard / Victor Seshat / Sartana / Panther as my A team for at least 4 months having a second Seshat and felt my results were slightly better w Sarty over Sesh

Sartana only lost her spot when I pulled and levelled Jabberwok.

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I do have a Rigard wearing a costume, yes.

:sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
My next target I hope someday get Rigard costume, but after my costume Tiburtus maxed.

Back to topic: Khiona for variety, 2nd Seshat for more power, both are great :+1:

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