Khiona or Seshat?

Morning everyone,

There are my actual purple 5*. I’m wondering about the next one to max. Khiona or Seshat ?


Khio hurts less & has average mana when Seshat hurts more with fast mana. But since I already have one Seshat, should Khiona be a better option ?

Thank you for your opinions !

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Kiona is the only purple +Attk hero available, I’d absolutely chose her over 2nd Seshat.


Well, despite the fact that I wanna marry Seshat, that’s also what I was thinking… I’ll wait some more opinions, thanks for yours (wich is the same as mine :smiley: )


I’m in a similar situation, as I have a maxed Seshat and recently acquired Khiona. I decided to ascend Khiona rather than other 5s purple in my bench because:

  • the other purple 5s I have suck;
  • I like Khiona’s attack buff
  • I like the fact Khiona is a rogue, meaning she has the chance to dodge specials from opponents. And I have all the Rouge emblems I got since they introduced them waiting for a worthy hero… she will be the one.
  • If I were you, I’d go for Khiona also for variety

Edit: also, there aren’t many “better” (more different than better) 5s purple you could get: Kunchen, Black Panther… another reason to go with her.

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You put her between Seshat and Kage with a Tiburtus/Kunchen and Panther joining, and you’ve got a fearsome dark Titan team

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Alright, gonna go for Khiona.

Thanks everyone !

You already have one Seshat, so IMO Khiona would be a better option.

She is great for titans.

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Both are really good. But in my honest opinion, I would go with variety and max Khiona before a second Seshat.

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There is FEW purples I would ascend before a 2nd Seshat but Khiona would be one

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If you stick her between Seshat1 and Kage, then arguably Khiona hits harder - a least she causes more damage. Plus she’s waaaaay better for titans.

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I stay WITH your option! For me khiona!! I have she and os more speed seshat but i preefeer the avilities of khiona!! Bye!

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Thanks everyone, ascended Khiona tonight

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