Best purple for my defence

Hi curently my defence line up: Seshat/Mitsuko/Heimdal/Misandra/Drake Fong. I managed to pull Sartanas costume. Should i replace Seshat with C. Sartana?. Another purples to consider are: C. Domitia, Alfrike, Khiona, and Clarissa. Not all of those heroes are maxed but wanted to know your opinion who is the best for my team. I have 17 lvl purple mana troop

Wing Seshat. The only other two purples I can see replacing her at wing are Killhare or Jabberwocky. Alfrike for President … erm … tank best but any position really, in fast Rush tournaments

A highly emblemed Clarissa can be an annoying tank/ flank but only if you can support her with big hitters to take advantage of her early Damage. I use mine mostly for offense.

Don’t have C. Sartana, C.Dom or Khiona. Have gone up against them in flank/ wings. Don’t really trouble me unless I get a horrible board.


In my honest opinion, if you can get Clarissa to +9 or more, I would use her on a defence team.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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I just have regular Sartana, but if I had Seshat I’d replace her. Seshat is literally the best Dark Sniper there is, just edging out regular Sartana.

I’ve gone up against C.Sartana in raids and haven’t found much difference in dealing with normal Sartana.

Khiona’s attack boost helps dealing with titans and Holy Tanks, not that you see many of them anymore.

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Keep Sesh in there.

Alfrike is so powerful her “very slow” feels pretty “average” once you account for anxiety. You HAVE to kill her or you’re toast.

C. Sartana is a monster but not comparable to those above.

Clarissa is rarely a problem and competes with your Heimy for emblems.

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Seshat in the wing could be one of the most annoying purples available. You better have two heroes left if she’s the last one standing, those minions drain you. Stick with her.


One more question. Sartana & Alfrike
Who should get emblems? I have Isarnia also but won’t consider her.

I’d go Alfrike myself. She’s a menace.

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