Seeking Merger ' Clever Alliance Name'

Hi. Our alliance ‘Clever Alliance Name’ has been through just one merger since the start and most of us have been playing together for 4 years and longer. We are currently 13 players, all co-leaders who just play with zero pressure and stress. I am level 97 as highest. We are at the point where we dont get the alliance quests last level anymore, so we are looking to merge. Not sure whether everyone will come along, but reply if you think we can help each other. Thanks for reading.


We at Dragon Cohort TMA could accommodate some but not all Line or Discord l33tvortex
… so lets get you some attention

@Sarah2 @Skellet53 @Ripobin_The_First


@Gerontius hey man, im here for skell. We are from Crew-Mates. Do u have line? Feel free to add us up, we would be glad to be an option.
Line ID: crew-mates
Just ask for me, we have a secretary :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

@L33tVortex12596 thanks for the tag. Boss is currently dealing with some health issues.


Thank you. It may be that not everyone will want to merge.,Will get back to you.

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Hey Nirvana. Will have a look and maybe link in with Line soon. Thanks for the reply.

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Salutations! Cali of the North (part of the North Family of alliances) has room for 8 at the moment, and other openings in the family. So if some of your folks feel like pushing for the top, we can get them set up. If some are feeling more like a slow down- even a mini vacation- we have places they would be welcome as well. If fact, we’ve got an alliance for most every style of play. We would be very interested in welcoming any or all of you into the family!

Whichever way you go, good luck finding a new home! :grin: :v:t3:


Thank you Mad1. Will take the options to the group.Much appreciated.

We also have space for 8 at “girl with dragontattoo.” We get to the last stage of alliance quests by around day 2-3, are currently killing up to 11* titans, and have several players that stay above 2900 cups. We are fairly casual but do want all war team members to use all their flags (which is mostly why we have space for 8 right now).

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TBD could have accommodated 13, but are in the throws of a merger at the moment, so we’re not an option any more - thanks @L33tVortex12596 for the tag. :hugs:

@Mistress_of_Shadows do you have room for 13 at the shops? :thinking:

GL @Gerontius with everything.

Ps @Nirvana29 please send @Skellet53 my bestest wishes for a speedy recovery :pray:


Hi. We are Rebellious Farts
Cups- 2000
TP- approx 4700-5000+
Members- 15/30
Titans- 10-11 (until membership grows)
Flags- must use Titan and war flags.

We are a friendly and adult alliance with international membership. If the description suits you, we’d be glad to take you aboard.

Hope to see you soon,
Sir Namron


Thanks Sir Namron. Will be in touch

Fated Warriors

We have room. If you don’t feel like its a fit then no hard feelings. Only one co-leader for us. But if choose to stay will promote to members.

Feel free to contact on discord if interested.

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EAST OF THE EQUATOR is a family of 5 alliances and would love to have you join us. We were hit hard by the new updates as several members left yhe game. We do have a very strong core of players that have been together fir yrs
We are hitting 14 star titans even though we are low on members. Would love some help though
We offer a fun yet semi competitive alliance that undestands RL issues but are there for the team as much as possible ,we use all war flags, will share co leadership, and we have an extensive library for of game tips that we share with over 500 players
We will share that with you also, its free just for chatting rather you join us or not. Its on our discord channels along with alot of other useful info

Just hit that link or send over a scout in game to check us out
The link will bring you to our welcome channel where we can chat. We are able to move players around to make room for everyone

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Hi Gerontius,
We currently have 9 spaces, though this could be 10 very soon. We have a core of players who like you have been around for over 4 years. We are a friendly bunch who have added a couple of very good new members recently. Having been through two successful mergers in the last two years, i think we are in a good position to take you on board and get us all back to a full alliance.

If you want to pop in take a look, have a chat and see if you like what you see, we are HamNation. Give us a go and i think you’ll see that our merger could be great for all of us.

Hope to see you soon.


Daren (Daztardly)

Thanks for the tag! I’m taking a short break at the mo. As @Sarah2 says, this would have been great but TBD are just merging with someone else.

@Gerontius Good luck with your hunt!

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Thanks Erie. Will check out. We are only co-leaders out of being together so long.Not everyone contributes in that way.

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Look for Ithilien Alliance, we’re about the same as you and we’re open for merger.

Ive been with 2 of my group for about 4 yrs and 2 more for about 3 yrs. So I get that.

You have some great offers here, you’ve always got the option of communicating prior to commitment (via line or discord) may I also suggest you send a scout to visit some of those alliances who have offered up a place…perhaps someones alt account or one of your other cos who would share some unbiased honest feedback with your group…
Were slways here to help…or chat…good luck!


Hi Gerontius, we have 15 open spots. We have teams from 50-99 with many in the alliance for years and some around 5 years. We are a similar structure, many co-leaders and a laid back group that plays casually. We ask players to use war attacks if opted in, but not really any hard rules other than that.

We do finish the alliance quest, but I think many would welcome a full alliance and harder titans again.

Let me know if you are interested.

Alliance : Killjoys Death Dealers
Line ID: bfurnace
Discord: fur_nace