Old school Skytherne looking to merge


My alliance is 1020 days old. We are having trouble recruiting late game players. There are about 16 of us now. Any alliances in similar situations looking to merge?

We are fairly casual, but active in war and on titans. Sometimes chatty too.

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Do you guys use line?

Hi Corey,

I am so sorry to hear of your troubles and would love to not have the spirit killed in you…

We would love to if your team would like to hop aboard?! We are new but we have seasoned players. Please take a look and let us know; we are a fun and active group.

Best of luck on your journey!
Peace & Unity


We would love to have you join the great northwest. Really casual. We have been trying to do the same thing you are.

Hi Cory,

Thank you for your swift reply! I will speak to the group as we just created the alliance, see if they want to cross over… we were a core group that left another alliance due to lack of leadership and positivity. I understand your recruiting woes, but for the love of it all…

Bountiful hams!

We take you’ll in, we strong and actively with the game,
[#ff0066]—:fire: :fire::star: :star:APEX MARAUDERS:star: :star::fire::fire:—[#66ffff] Alliance looking for active, experienced players! 3800+tp and 1800+ cups! [#ffff99]Titans, war, and communication will be required. [#ffccff] Line ID: [#ff33ff]knutmeg

is any alliance interested in joining ours? again it’s one of the oldest in the game- we can certainly look at renaming but it would be a shame to simply discard it.

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