Alliance merger with our alliance

So my alliance, Along the Watchtower is looking to merge with another alliance. We’re down to about 15 people and recruiting is difficult nowadays. So i was hoping to find a alliance to merge with so we can get stronger again. Any ideas or takers?

I wonder…

  • Do you have Line / Discord so players can DM you?
  • Are you all daily active / casual players?
  • Are you all prepared to move or do you want the merger alliance to join you?
  • How will leadership work?

Just some thoughts that sprung to mind. GL with recruitment :innocent:

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Hi there!!! I have a new alliance of a few very active and chatty players. We left out old alliance because of inactivity but we want to stay together. We would love to discuss a possible merge… would you or one of your players want to come over and talk sometime? We close the alliance during war prep but otherwise it is open. Pop in if ya want! War and Order

You can join in Epic Embers, They are also interested in Merging the alliance, their leader is Genevieve and Line group is Epic Embers

Hey there!
I’m a Co-lead in seek~&~Destroy 1.0.
We are a top 100 alliance when full and due to recent departures we are looking for members to fill our 1.0 team and also join our 2.0 team which is for up and comers that are almost at that level.
If you are interested please look me up on LINE ypl1983

Hey there! I am the Leader of Rockets Red Glare. If you are open to merging with us we would love to have you. We are currently at 18 members. We have a lot of fun and ZERO drama. Most of our members have been with us for over a year. Folks stop in to try us out and end up finding a home with us. We are fighting 9-11 Star Titans. We do not use Line or Discord. We are “real life first” but are all very dedicated. We are very active in sharing gained and learned knowledge while helping each other grow. Check us out! Fight a Titan of two and stick around for War. We have a great time. Just use all 6 Flags for War beat down Titans and try your best! Does that sound like a fit?

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