Looking for a possible Merger!

Looking for an alliance that has about 10 or so dedicated members that would like to merge and create a better and stronger alliance with Last Chance!!!

Hi @ChakanTFM, are you still looking for players with this? I know it’s been 3 weeks since you posted, so thought I’d ask. Thanks.

Yes we are still looking. How many players do you have or what is your current thinking on a merger?

We have 9 players. We just left a Top 100 alliance, just looking for a new challenge.
We’re all experience level 35+, team power 3500+. Those aren’t the requirements to join our alliance, of course, just mentioning where we’re at.
What’s your situation?

Hi again. Sorry about the delay in response. I talked to our leader and he wants our alliance to stay together but was wondering if you’d be willing to join us and help us. We have been trying to acquire players that will help us get into the top 100. I don’t know if that is the new challenge you are looking for. Also if you’d like to communicate more directly we have the app Line. Our group chat is Last Chance!!! And my Id is thedarkcrow35.

Cool. I don’t know if that’s exactly what we’re looking for, but I’ll find you on Line. Thanks!

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