Merging alliance

Hi guys!! We are a small alliance (11 people) looking for a merge and trying to get a competitive alliance (not very competitive but though…). So, we are Forsaken Ones and we are open for discussions!!!:hugs::hugs:

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Good Luck in your search - I’m sure you’ll be inundated with offers. Daily active players, are always in demand.

Greetings! What level titans are you looking for?

Now we are very low… at 6*… we are here coming down from 11*… a bunch of people just left and we wanna just come back up there…


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We’re killing 10s and 11s right now and we can fit 11 people. Do you have Line?

Yes we have! We can talk there. I’ll give you my id

I’ll talk with alliance leader and will gonna talk on Line

Mad19max is me. 20 chars of excitement

Heya Don,

I’m with Max
We’ve added you to a chat so we can discuss.
Your username only came up with one result so we assumed it’s you.

If it isnt, please feel free to add me on Line: Aexurion

Just found you!! I’m in! I added my leader and we can talk when he’ll be online… some time differences between us… i’m in eastern Europe and him in US so we should wait a little bit!! Thanks!

making a study about mergers. let me know how it goes. good luck!

We are at our second merger! First one was ok till a bunch of people were frustrated by the inactivity of some team mates… so they left… and after some clean up we are now just 11 active player… imo the merge is working but is so hard for leaders to mediate between alliance mates… of course everyone want to grow stronger but we should look around a little bit and take care for the others not just for ourself…

LycanPack is a long-standing mid level alliance of 17 congenial, experienced long term core players hitting 7-8* titans. Bigger titan potential with more members! Looking for consistent daily players or a group like yours to merge with us.

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Really appreciate the proposal but right now we are in advanced discussions with Loki’s Warriors! I’ll let you all know if tonight our discussions results in a great merge! If not, we can talk about your proposal! Thank you​:hugs::hugs:

Don- sounds like you’re exactly the right fit for any good alliance. Best of luck!

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Congratulations!..we juat went to war with Loki’s Warriors a very classy alliance!


we are an alliance of 19 people would be interested to take you in.

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541-Titan Slayers [TFG] may be a good fit. We are currently at 22 members but could shuffle some members around within the TFG family of alliances.

We are currently on 12* Titans, though with new members that could increase to 13 and maybe 14* titans.

We rotate war tank colors periodically (currently using red). Aside from that we don’t really have a strict war strategy.

We currently are not really aiming to rank in either the alliance quest or mythic titan since the rewards do not necessarily justify the effort required, but when full, we can usually break into the top 1k.

If this sounds interesting and/or you want more detail, feel free to reachout to me via line (line ID: igh13).

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Thank you all for your replies guys!!! Happy to see a large community willing to help!! We already merged with Loki’s Warriors. Very satisfied with our new home and expecting great things in near future!!!:hugs::hugs::hugs: