Ascension Advice...Lianna vs Gadeirus

So I’m currently leveling up my 4 star heroes, and I’m stuck on Nature…I have Melendor and Hansel both at 3/60 and can’t ascend because I don’t have the shields, so in the meantime I have two options to level my next nature hero…

Which should I do in the meantime, take Lianna from 3/13 to 3/70, or level Gaderius from 2/16 to 3/60?

Do both. Gad will cost you ~75k exp and Lianna 105k.


Gadeirus will be more useful in the short and medium term, and Lianna will be more useful in the long term as one of the best green 5* heroes and the best classic 5* green hero. Gadeirus will be usable at 3/60 whereas Lianna won’t reach her true, one-shotting potential until she gets to max level, due to the stat differential.

So if I had to choose priority, I’d go with Gadeirus > Lianna.

But both is the correct option.

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@Keyz I planned to level both still, was just wondering if I should just finish Lianna on tier 3 before I start working on Gad, or do Gad then go back and finish Lia

MD is mostly correct but it kinda depends what you’re facing on enemy teams in war, and if war is important.

If they are weaker teams and Lianna at 3/70 can do her one-shot wonder on ‘em… well, she’s awesome. And it also depends on if you’re into colour stacking yet. Gad makes all other green hitters better. Lianna most of all. So yeah, both, but if Lianna can be a killer at your level now, I might go her first and then Gad will be a quicker level up, beefing up Lianna et al more and more as he levels.

I have 3 of her on my main Green mono team and combined with Evelyn it’s a pretty devastating team.

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My current 5*s:

Dark - Seshat 3/42, Domitia 1/4, G. Panther 1/4
Fire - Khagan 2/26, Marjana #1 1/7, Marjana #2 1/1
Holy - Joon 2/49, Poseidon 2/1, Justice 1/17
Ice - Miki 1/13, Isarnia 1/12
Nature - Lianna 2/10, Horghall 1/20

I’ve got enough gems for a 10 Elemental Summon, and with Nature being currently up, wondering if I should give it a shot, or perhaps wait for Fire or Ice to come around again? From what I’m reading here, Lianna is considered extremely good, esp. at higher levels, while Isarnia just looks weak-ish. And just in general, where is Miki being used? Solely against Titans?

It highly depends on do you want to use a BB gun or a howitzer??? In other words LIANNA


Not sure why you posted in this thread, but given how low level your 5* heroes are, I’m guessing you don’t have a max level base yet, and your willingness to sink money on an elemental pull of all things means you’re fairly new to the game.

Here’s the thing: 5* heroes cost a RIDICULOUS amount of feeder heroes and food to reach max level, let alone the materials for it. It’s like buying a Ferrari when you don’t have the track to race it on and can’t afford the insurance.

You have great heroes already, but you need a solid base to build them up. Focus on 3* and 4* heroes for now and build up the 5* as kind of a fun side project when the time comes.

I know it’s tempting to think otherwise, but you are not ready young Skywalker. Get your Banes and Beliths and Valens up first, then Grimms and Boldtusks and Scarletts, and your farms a growing and your stronghold tall. Only then will you be ready.


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