Who should make it into my defence teams

Ok, so I need a fresh pair of eyes to look at my heroes and see what I can’t see.
Who should I have in my war defence team and who should I have in my raid defence team. For war we currently run with a purple tank.
And should I move any emblems ie Richard to Clarissa.
Let me know what you think

I would probably look at shifting the 7 from Richard to Clarissa.

Then would shuffle your defence team round a little to be:
Magni -> Red Hood -> Telluria -> Clarissa -> Joon (costume)

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If your war tank definitely has to be purple then Clarissa is your gal.

Costume bonus already gives Richard a boost over vanilla maxed even without emblems, so I’d probably shift them over to her…
Which in turn means she’s on your defence and Richard isn’t.

I’d go along with Guvnor on your new D being: Magni - RHood - Telly - Clarissa - Joon.

It’s not perfect because ideally you want a blue flank on Telly, but none of your reds can wing… Unless you drop hood and run Richard flank without emblems (still useful stats with c-bonus and barb talent doesn’t do much) and Magni on the opposite wing (eg: Joon - Richard - Telly - Clarissa - Magni (

War defence…
I’d probably double up the holy since none of your reds can wing (ideally I’d want one holy flank and probably Telly on the other).
Something like:
Magni - Onatel - Clarissa - Telly - cJoon.

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