Defense help! Wich yellow to go with?

Hey everyone!
So i got 7 darts and several yellow heroes but can not really decide wich one to go with.
My defense team is:

I got Vivica maxed but since i got Telluria as tank i dont really need her i think.
My yellow heroes at 3/70 are:

I was about to go with Leo since i have no yellow snipers except Chao, but i Kinda need a yellow 5* sniper.
Maybe Neith to blind and control them so Vela and the snipers can take them out?

I apologize if my spelling is wrong, english is not my main language :blush:

Thank you!

My personal bias out of those heroes is Neith or inari.

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Neith is a stalling tactic - she doesn’t hit that hard, but she delays specials to buy your defence a turn or two and she blinds incase enemies still get their special off fast.
Telluria is also a stalling tactic with mana regeneration reduction on top of minions and HoT.

Put them together and they’d be annoying to face… But neither hits hard, so the rest of your team needs to be nasty to attackers - and it looks pretty decent for that.

Justice hits a bit harder than Neith and keeps the blind… She’s slow, but with a delaying tank like Telluria and with her own considerable beef that could work on defence - but the mana speed could make her more annoying to use on attacks.

Leo is decent, nothing wow but nothing to laugh about either.

There are drawbacks to all of them, however.
Neither Neith nor Justice is the best blinding holy 5* - Drake has more impact than either.
But Leo will really fade into the background if/when you get better snipers, eg: Joon (esp. with costume) or Poseidon.

For a bench with no holy 5* mana control or blind, Neith gives you both - if you had Guin or Drake done, it may feel like a waste of darts, but she can be a pain to face in the right teams, regardless of how much people rag on her on here.


+1 for Neith

That team would not be fun to face.


Thank you so much for this awesome reply.
Yes people on here really want to throw her in the trash lol. But the reason that i consider her in my team is exactly what you are saying. With the right team combo she can be a real pain in the *ss.
And my idea was that Telluria and her together can offer enough utility, debuffs and time for the rest of my team take them out.

I think ill go with Neith tbh

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I’m currently weighing up throwing her darts myself…

She’s at 3.70 and I don’t have Guin or Drake, so she would bring something new.

The only thing holding me back is wondering whether Delilah would bring me something even more irritating… But I’m generally thinking not…

Drake and Guin would make our lives easier it seems :joy:
But i think Neith will be fine. Btw would you stack her with defense or attack on emblems? I feel like attack will be useless lol. Her purpose will be utility and delay anyway🤷‍♂️

Drake would be an easy choice I think… But I have BK and Telluria for tanks, I can live without Guin :slight_smile:

Hmm probably a mix to be honest - she’s still AoE so increases in attack can help, but she’s an irritant rather than a killer in this kind of team…

(My current defence: White Rabbit, BK, Telluria, Isarnia, Mok Arr - holds 2600 without any trouble, so I can live without her maxed, but it’d be fun to see how she runs… And I’m curious to see whether other reds might prove even more annoying on defence, thinking of trying my PiBs out in that team at some point)

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