Second sartana or someone alse

Ok my purple roster is
Maxed sartana and domitia
I got quintas 1.1, srtana #2 at 3.70 and thoth at 3.70

Also i got epic
2 proteus, merlin, sabina, rigardand TB

Now with that said above what will u do? Going for another fast sniper A class or going for the heatred TA or quintas…

My heart goes for sartana, special when no new purples are coming in next few month

Any advice will be welcome

Are all the epics you list maxed? If not, then I would do all of them.

If they are all maxed I would favor the second Sartana. Though if you feel you need a reasonably strong purple defender (who is not Sartana), I think TA can be used in that role. I don’t think he’s amazing, but I think he’s stouter than people give him credit for. It’s just a large price in tabards to pay for performance that isn’t elite.

Rigard then Sartana then Quintus

Yes all epics are maxed, i am just thinking about 2 fast snipers can get most of yellow tanks in raids and sartana is great vs titans also. I may wait for next atlantis who knows maybe kage will come ( we all onow mok arr will :sad:)

Sartana’s a very good hero. I’d max a 2nd of her without regret. I run her with Kate or Seashat all the time - same concept 2 snipers, and it works well (missing the debuff…).

Only reason to go for Quintus instead is if you want to have a hero for 5 star rush tourney’s but that’s seems extreme at this point for you.

I have 3 of her and I’m maxing them without regret. I often stack them to make short work of many battles.

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