Blue healer help

I have Kiril at +20, +7 and 4-70. The last costume I got the costume. I finished of Magni with costume. I started to blue tiles toward Raffie now 3-7. I dont have the scopes to finish him off. Should I have sent my blue tiles to the Kirils?

PS of have 2-3 healers of each color maxed and some with emblems so I have strong and “weak” of each.

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Do you mean, your next blue project leveling is 4th Kiril? I’m not sure, do you have 3x Kiril all of them with costume maxxed?

I would max the first two costumes, and then take Raf to 3/70. Raf is pretty handy at 3/70, that’s a big heal

Not sure on your other options but maybe try him at 3/70 for a while and see what you think

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Agreed. Healers and support heroes can work with their power maxed, but not max leveled. Where as snipers and hitters need those extra stats to perform better. Raff at 3:70 with an 8:8 special should be plenty effective in most suitable environments.

Congrats on all those good pulls!

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No to building out the costume on the three that are leveled

thanks, The costume bonus is one of the best parts of the costume for I not always impressed on what SG has done with the costume expect my twin Sonyas

Kiril costume is pretty amazing. Attack down and defense down make a larger difference than attack up and defense up, so if you’re not overlapping buffs/debuffs, costume kiril is better.

The costume bonus can make impact specially for avarage heroes, because it can down to 9 tiles with only mana troop lvl5. Kiril is one of them. So, it is valuable for offense.

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