Second Kingston vs. Lianna

Hey guys,
Just a quick question, would you rather max a second Kingston or your first Lianna?

Green Roster:
5* at 4/80: Alby, LotL, Eve, Kingston
5* at 3/70: Tarlak (do have Miki though), Hatter, Lianna, Greg, 2nd Kingston, 2nd Eve

4* at 4/70: I think I have at least one copy leveled out of every green 4* there is…

Thanks in advance… And yes I know, it looks like big first world problems, but green is actually my only “overpowered” colour where I have the luxury of choosing… :sweat_smile:

Well i would say go with lianna
I have her and kingston at 80 and mixing her with eve u can get 99.99% of the heroes together and kingston only kills 50% of the time
Am talking if you fired eve first at a hero with full HP


I agree. Lianna is more tactically useful than a second Kingston for purposes of versatility. Kingston overrides himself often enough when there’s just one, nevermind two.

And… my TC20 popped my first Lianna, so I’m in the same boat, lol…


I have 4/80 Lianna, 4/80 Kingston, 3/70 second Kingston. I use them with 4/80 Eve, and the difference in damage between full LIanna and full Kingston is negligible for most of the time. Second Kingston will allow you to reduce the attack of other half of the field, greatly increasing chances of your team.


Can’t go wrong with Lianna. I use them simultaneously with eve when I raid but have them on separate war teams.


This is a good point… also want to mention that Lianna gives you snipe with no buff which is something to think about when gong up against Finley.


There’s no wrong answer but Lianna is the secret weapon vs Finley so…

Also, I have Evelyn1 at 4/80 and am working on another atm.


If you bring Eve or any other HoTM with elemental link into battle with Finley, Lianna’s “no buff” won’t really help.

I wouldn’t max any of those, not even Lianna for diversity. I would max second Eve, to have two super powerful green attacks. For one, I would level 3rd Eve… Unfortunately I missed her every time and the few times I spent money for gems in this game, I did it for her. She is no.1 on my wish list since I saw her first time. Extremely useful absolutely everywhere, no matter if is PvP, missions, titans or event challenges. About few fast heroes in this game you can say something like this… Once she fires, becomes a game changer for your green line-up. Could be even a 4* line-up…

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Eve also is useful @3.70. I have 2 sitting there. My next green (1 tonic missing) will be Kingston for a 3rd def down stackable with Buddy and Eve. I lack snipers, too. I also have Lianna and her costume @3.70.

All those poor heroes waiting for mats. For every element this looks almost similar. Gimme mats SG.



Me too, doing so much pull (around 40x, fo me it is much enough), got 2nd Magni and Neith instead. So here my green project leveling so far…

If I get Lianna costume, maybe I will switch to Lianna over 2nd Kingston.

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