Lianna or second Alberich

Which two will be most useful for future thinking war?
I have uploaded full
Tarlak x 2

I’m in doubt to raise a second Alberich and wait 1 month and a half for the kingston (next green hotm)
Or if Lianna now and then probably Kingston.

I like variety and Lianna has been a game changer for me so I don’t think you’ll regret maxing her first. I think she’ll be more useful in a variety of other situations, not just AW.

What I would give for all those tonics :heart_eyes:

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Eve and Lianna are a deadly duo. Highly recommend her.

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@Newton_Bressan How many tonics do you currently have?

Six tonics only Zebra.

What @Math4lyfe said. For blue tank raids I put Margaret in the middle as well. Keeps them safe from snipers and Evelyn/Lianna will finish off whomever you want in one fell swoop. Kingston is great but I get more use from Lianna

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Hmmm… If you currently only have 6 tonics, it’ll probably take another few months to get another 6. I think you should choose Lianna unless you’re patient enough to wait for Kingston, who is also a sniper.

Granted that Kingston will come to your roster by then.
Can’t go wrong with Lianna, anyway. Killing machine no 1

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